Full refund option available within 30 days of purchase, giving you plenty of time to test their overall performance.


AlexHost reserves the right to return money to our customers for purchases made using credit cards, Webmoney, UKR Cards or PayPal to the original account. Please note that AlexHost

has no control over any additional fees that PayPal or credit card companies may charge, so you will need to contact them directly.

Please note: Only first-time hosting accounts are eligible for our 30-day money-back guarantee. For example, if you previously purchased a shared hosting package and canceled it for a refund, you will not be eligible for a further refund of the shared hosting price. Additional licenses for third party software (such as cPanel or Softaculous) are non-refundable. In the event of an AUP violation or the acquisition of an order using an active promotional code, it is important to be aware that refunds will not be issued under these circumstances.


In this policy, “Transaction Date” is defined as the date on which a product or service is purchased, including the date on which renewal occurs under the terms of the applicable product or service agreement (Terms of Use). You can always cancel a product, but a refund will only be issued if the cancellation request is made within the product-specific deadline, if any. It should be noted that some products may have separate return policies or restrictions, including those products for which refunds are absolutely not possible.

Here are the refund terms that apply to some products:


  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • DMCA-ignore hosting
  • Hosting Litespeed
  • VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Windows VPS (Virtual Private Servers running Windows)
  • Dedicated Servers


  • Domains
  • purchased subnet*
    •  we don’t offer refund for purchased subnet, with the dedicated server’s additional option.

Please note: Sometimes AlexHost may provide special offers, such as a free domain when you purchase a 1 year hosting plan. In such cases, a refund may be issued for the hosting service and the domain name may be suspended.

AlexHost  strictly protects customer data and ensures complete confidentiality, but when you request a refund, we initiate this procedure within our rules. But we have the right to know if you are the real account holder, and our payment gateway, which we use and which you also directly use, may sometimes ask for a Passport ID if you do not want to provide it. In this case, we reserve the right not to return money.

This is because some people commit criminal activities with our servers and network and then demand refunds. AlexHost does not tolerate illegal activities.

Important! Refunds are not possible if you have violated the rules for using our service. Users of our services are strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities, which are described here in the “Prohibited Acts” section.

Special rules for refunds from a dedicated server

The purchase of a dedicated server for the first time can be canceled and the money returned (except for the cost of licenses).
In case of return, the following rules apply:
Initial server installation – 5 Euro.
– Return fee -30% of the amount paid.

Special refund rules if you’re using BTC as a payment gateway

Special refund rules are outlined for users who utilize BTC as their payment gateway. The following points describe this:

  • Minimum Refund Amount: When using BTC as the payment gateway, AlexHost sets the minimum refund amount at $100.
  • Refund Fee: A fixed fee of $20 applies to any refund amount.
  • Exceptions: Refunds under $100 cannot be processed via BTC and require an alternative refund method, such as USDT. Using USDT TRC20 also incurs a $5 return fee, in the absence of a minimum amount.
  • Transaction Confirmation: Before processing a BTC refund, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the minimum amount and consider the fee.

AlexHost values its customers and strives to provide fair and transparent refund conditions, in accordance with the established rules and fees.