Dedicated server Intel Core i9

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Intel Core i9RAMDiscsPortIPTrafficPeriodPrice
Processor Intel® Core™ i9-9900K DDR4
RAM 8/16/32/64GB DDR4Discs M2 NVMe, M2 SSD or SATA HDDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 0% 159.54€ Order Now
Processor Intel® Core™ i9-10920X DDR4
RAM 8/16/32/64GB DDR4Discs M2 NVMe, M2 SSD or SATA HDDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 192.77€ 0% 192.77€ Order Now

Dedicated Service platform with maximum speed & stability

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Dedicated server i9

Dedicated server Intel Core i9 is an option that you can order directly from AlexHost. The product is built on the latest chip from the world-renowned corporation Intel (Intel Core i9-14900K). Experts recognize that this model of processors is among the most advanced and efficient solutions, finding extensive and successful application in organizing workstations and computers.

Intel i9 dedicated hosting is a solution built on the basis of the Meteor Lake microarchitecture. It is an innovative combination of several super-powerful cores – Gracemont and Golden Cove. As a result of such a high-tech combination of two powers, the client gains access to a high-performance solution, allowing them to effectively and quickly handle even the most complex and multi-level tasks.


Dedicated server Intel Core i9

Intel i9 Dedicated server hosting is an impressive IT solution that catches the eye of customers, primarily with its option for rapid power boost. Now, you can have unlimited access to all additional processor resources and, if necessary, increase its clock frequency without any limits as well. A cheap Intel i9 dedicated server with such functional features proves to be extremely useful for demanding web applications that require maximum resources and meticulous selection and approval.

When ordering a cheap Intel i9 dedicated server, special attention should be paid to its technical features, such as the L2 and L3 caching system. It ensures instant access to information and promptly improves overall processor performance. Additionally, you may notice significant improvements when working with various types of data, including:

  • Graphic data.
  • Video.

Such a processor can easily handle any type of task, including multi-level ones, without causing delays or pauses in data processing, and without worsening performance metrics.


Intel i9 Dedicated server hosting: best solution ever

Cheap dedicated server hosting with Intel i9 from AlexHost can rightfully be considered the best solution due to the fact that this type of server supports the latest technologies such as Thunderbolt 4 and PCle 5.0. As a result, this product becomes an ideal option for every AlexHost client in need of:

  • Connecting NVMe drives and other peripheral devices.
  • Maximum possible data transfer speed.

Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable and accessible Intel i9 dedicated hosting price for every user. It is worth noting that the Intel Core i9-14900K processor belongs to processors structured with mandatory consideration of energy efficiency factors. By implementing advanced options for intelligent distribution and management of energy resources and modest consumption (especially in standby mode), such a processor solution can significantly save energy and, consequently, reasonably increase overall system efficiency. All this will have a positive impact on the stability and speed of operation of any of your web resources, projects, or applications.

Thus, the acceptable Intel i9 dedicated hosting price is far from its only advantage. This processor is rightfully recognized as a true flagship in the digital space of modernity. It is the perfect choice for deploying servers and organizing desktop PCs. Intel i9 dedicated hosting will immerse you in the digital world, where incredibly high server execution, energy efficiency, and processor power and endurance are miraculously combined.

This processor rightfully occupies the position of a leader, and investments in it will be fully justified. You will definitely see this as soon as you start your cooperation with the expert team at AlexHost.


Cheap dedicated server hosting with Intel i9: powerful intellect

You can rent or buy an Intel i9 dedicated server at AlexHost to personally experience the powerful intellect embedded in the foundation of such a smart hosting solution. Intel i9 processors hold indisputable leadership in performance and power, becoming a true symbol of advanced technology. Their impressive multi-core architecture and high clock speeds allow them to outperform competitors and stand out among other processors. This makes them an unmatched choice for tackling the most complex and high-load tasks, as well as for running the most demanding applications.

When using an Intel i9 Dedicated Server, you discover a majestic world of powerful computations that guarantee flawless and uninterrupted operation of your online project. Task execution speed reaches new heights, and data processing occurs so efficiently that your business can promptly respond to dynamic changes in market demands. As a result, you provide your users with an unparalleled user experience, which becomes the key to strengthening your position in the market and retaining customer loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How reliable is the dedicated server i9?
The Intel Core i9 dedicated server is considered a truly reliable solution, ensuring maximum security and stability for the digital infrastructure of any modern project. The integration of intelligent technologies designed to protect your private information, along with a range of additional security tools, instills confidence in the inaccessibility of personal data to unauthorized third-party access.
Does the dedicated server i9 offer scaling options?
Intel i9 Dedicated server hosting from AlexHost is provided to clients with convenient and understandable scaling options. Thus, whether you are a permanent or temporary server owner, you can individually adjust its configurations according to the needs of various types of businesses. As a result, the server infrastructure will maintain its premium adaptability and flexibility to constantly changing market demands.
How economical is the dedicated server i9 in resource consumption?
Cheap dedicated server hosting with Intel i9 is incredibly economical in terms of server resource consumption, according to expert assessments. Despite its power and commendable execution, this solution simultaneously offers users maximally efficient and intelligently distributed resource consumption. Therefore, your business will be able to easily optimize financial expenses for interacting with the server infrastructure and its maintenance.

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