SSL Certificates

SSL certificate

Visiting various web-resources, you have definitely noticed special lock-sign placed in the browser address line. Its presence testifies SSL certificate presence, responsible for complete safety of private data and other information entered by users during this web-resource application. SSL certificate for a website allows to transmit all private information via special secured protocol (fixed rules set, applied by server or browser in order to exchange data). SSL certificate prevents scammers’ unauthorized activities, including users’ private data intercepting:

  • Logins and passwords.
  • Contact data.
  • E-mail addresses.
  • Bank cards’ numbers and PINs.


What is SSL certificate from AlexHost is used for?

In order to buy an SSL certificate inexpensively, you can first get advice from experienced managers of the AlexHost hosting provider. After your site subject evaluating, the owner’s rights and related data, specialists are ready to:

  • Identify the purpose of using the SSL certificate for the site.
  • Choose the current type of SSL certificate for your type of web resource at the best price.

So, the designated certificate is necessary to provide the digital project (website) and its visitors with the highest possible security level. Any resource that exists in the vastness of the global network needs adequate protection from fraudsters’ unauthorized access.

Buying an SSL certificate will be relevant for owners of banking sites, projects in the format of payment systems, online shops, state-level sites, social networks, and all kinds of forums where personal information is supposed to be entered. The favorable cost of an SSL certificate when buying it from AlexHost makes this product even more attractive for site owners. First, it saves money on an effective user security solution. Secondly, buying an SSL certificate allows you to maintain a high position in the overall ratings of the site (modern search engines rank sites with SSL certificates better than projects without them). Thirdly, the presence of this type of certificate allows you to increase the audience.


SSL certificate types for sites

Planning to acquire an SSL certificate for your web project, you should first familiarize yourself with the types of such electronic documents. Basically, digital certificates differ in price tag (the higher it is, the more prestigious the certificate). Nevertheless, even inexpensive certificates from AlexHost, if chosen correctly, can fully perform the functions assigned to it and reliably protect the site and visitors from scammers’ unauthorized actions. SSL certificates for a website can be classified into the following types:

  • For individuals.
  • For individual entrepreneurs (small and medium businesses).
  • For legal entities (large commercial organizations and enterprises).
  • For subdomains.
  • For multiple domains.

SSL certificate for individuals is optimal for small projects, including blogs, private sites, forums. In this case we are speaking about certificate with the domain name checking. Such a solution is recommended for websites with platforms where users regularly register private accounts, enter payment data, pay for courses and other services. It’s rather easy to buy such an SSL certificate type for a website:

  • Registration within 10-15 minutes.
  • No need to provide documents for domain verification.
  • Affordable cost guaranteed (in cooperation with AlexHost).

An SSL certificate intended for individual entrepreneurs (small and medium-sized businesses) involves a digital document with mandatory organization verification. Suitable for such projects as:

  • Corporate websites.
  • Internet shops.
  • Social network.
  • Travel and insurance resources.

Obtaining these certifications takes a lot of effort. Upon purchase, the CA must verify the registration of the organization and the domain name. The processing takes 1-3 days.

An SSL certificate for a site of a large commercial type enterprise involves an even more advanced document verification procedure. Suitable for:

  • Internet shops.
  • Any state-level organization.
  • Banking institutions.
  • Investment funds.

The presence of this certificate type on the site is marked by the presence of a green line with the name of the organization, which indicates a thorough check.

The cost of an SSL certificate from AlexHost for subdomains is not much different from the previous types, however, it allows you to simultaneously protect data from both the main and subdomains.

Multi-domain certificates, in turn, are optimal for retail chains, mail servers and holdings. Such solutions are recommended for purchase from the AlexHost hosting provider if you have several web resources or a site with web pages hosted on subdomains. Thus, one security certificate allows you to guarantee reliable protection of all sites at your disposal (applies, on average, to 3-5 domain names).


How does the SSL certificate function?

How does an SSL certificate work for a website? Installing such a digital document forms a secure connection. In this case, the browser modifies (encrypts) all data entered by the user (card numbers, personal information) into a random symbols’ set, and then redirects it to the server. Thus, the data of a client who pays for a product or service on your web resource is reliably protected from fraudsters. The information decryption procedure is implemented strictly using a unique key placed on the server. At the same time, even if we admit the fact of information leakage, fraudsters will still not be able to recognize it due to the encrypted form.


How often should one renew SSSL certificates?

SSL certificates play a crucial role in securing online communications and transactions, providing users with a secure connection to websites. These certificates, however, come with a finite validity period, and staying vigilant about their updates is paramount for maintaining optimal security. In the context of AlexHost, here are some insights into the frequency and recommendations for updating SSL certificates:

  • Standard Validity Period. SSL certificates are typically issued for a fixed period, and the standard validity period is one year. AlexHost, as a provider, adheres to this industry standard to ensure that users benefit from the latest security protocols.
  • Update Every 12 Months. The AlexHost provider strongly advises users to update their SSL certificates every 12 months or before the expiration of their active period. This regular update cycle ensures that the security measures in place are robust and up to date.
  • Procedure after Infrastructure Changes. Any changes to the infrastructure, such as alterations to the private key or other security-related modifications, necessitate an immediate update of SSL certificates. This proactive approach is integral to maintaining the overall security integrity of the system.
  • Automated Update Solutions. For maximum convenience and to mitigate potential security issues, AlexHost offers tools and solutions for the automated updating of SSL certificates. Automation streamlines the process, reducing the risk of oversight and ensuring that certificates are consistently up to date.
  • Timely Tracking of Alerts. SSL certificate providers, including AlexHost, routinely send alerts to users regarding the impending expiration of a specific certificate. It is crucial for users to closely monitor these notifications and take prompt action to renew certificates in a timely manner.

By emphasizing the importance of regular SSL certificate updates, AlexHost aims to empower users to maintain a high level of security for their data. Moreover, keeping SSL certificates up to date ensures compatibility with the latest security standards and browsers, contributing to a seamless and secure online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the SSL certificate for a site needed for?
Any site owner can buy an SSL certificate cheaply via AlexHost specialists and implement the specified certificate to ensure maximum protection of users' personal data. Security is guaranteed through two elements in the face of authentication (the fact of binding a certificate to a domain name) and encryption (modification of data using a unique key).
For what domains’ quantity one may purchase the SSL certificate?
You can buy an SSL certificate from AlexHost and use it for one domain, for several (SAN variety), or for an unlimited number of domains (Wildcard).
For what term are SSL certificates released?
Buying an SSL certificate from AlexHost involves providing you with a security protocol for a period of 1 to 4 years. Their price tags vary, depending on the type of protocol and validity period. The SSL certificate in the trial format is the most beneficial (issued for 1-3 months period).