Dedicated server with AMD Ryzen

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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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SSD Disk Drives
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1 Gbps Network
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IPv6 Support
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AMD RyzenRAMDiscsPortIPTrafficPeriodPrice
Cores: 16 Theads: 32
Clockspeed: 3.5 GHZ
Turbo Speed: 4.7 GHZ
Average CPU Mark : 39171
Processor Ryzen™ 9 3950X
RAM 64GB DDR4Discs NVMe SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 199.00€ 0% 199.00€ Order Now

Dedicated Service platform with maximum speed & stability

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Dedicated server Ryzen

Dedicated server AMD Ryzen belongs to high-performance solutions equipped with the latest generation processors, we’re talking about the AMD Ryzen 9 series 7950X, enabling quick and efficient handling of various tasks directly related to challenging, multi-tiered tasks. AlexHost offers a wide range of its clients to rent or buy AMD Ryzen dedicated servers without resorting to serious financial burdens. To pay for the selected tariff plan, a quite limited budget is sufficient. At the same time, you get access to AMD Ryzen dedicated server hosting with management options through API, specialized web panel, or IPMI panel.

Cheap AMD Ryzen dedicated server offers a plethora of attractive options, including enhanced OS with Root privileges, full resource isolation, installation and use of SSL security certificates, a range of security maintenance measures. And all this is just a small part of the available bonus options that will be highly appreciated by any user of a virtual type remote server.

Looking at the cheap AMD Ryzen dedicated server from a practical point of view, it can be noticed that this large server platform is nothing but a large disk space in a virtual environment, endowed with a multitude of similar technical parameters as standard physical media.

To gain access to advantageous rental of such a server type, it is essential to submit the appropriate application to the managers of the AlexHost company. Specialists guarantee maximum read, write, and data transmission speeds, as well as excellent performance levels based on NVMe SSD.


Dedicated server AMD Ryzen: the most powerful processor

The new and improved cheap dedicated server hosting with AMD Ryzen is structured on a platform of high-performance and reliable processors from the latest generations. We’re talking about Ryzen series 7 and 9 equipment. The presence of the special Zen 2 microarchitecture, applied in the operation of processors like 3950X, 3900X, and 3700X, as well as the integration of the 7nm process technology, has provided a unique opportunity to increase the transistor count on the chip and significantly boost the operating frequencies of the processors. Additionally, in the development of the latest Zen 3 microarchitecture, a series of enhancements to the base architecture were implemented, resulting in a 19% increase in performance on a similar process technology.

Another advantage of AMD Ryzen series 7 and 9 equipment lies in the significantly large cache memory capacity. This is 32 and 64 MB respectively. Additionally, the data exchange speed between processor cores has increased by 25% (direct data exchange without involving cache memory in this process).


AMD Ryzen Dedicated server hosting: significant merits

AMD Ryzen dedicated hosting is endowed with a number of highly vivid and attractive advantages, including the following points:

  • Maximum energy efficiency. AMD processors indeed heat up slower, allowing for uninterrupted high performance. Even under heavy loads, such processors heat up significantly slower, making AMD Ryzen dedicated hosting the preferred choice for users working on serious and high-load projects.
  • Affordable AMD Ryzen dedicated hosting price, especially when collaborating with companies like AlexHost. Ordering such a server will truly be the most prudent and financially sound investment in every sense.
  • High level of security against all types of attacks, including Spectre and Meltdown. Despite the quite reasonable AMD Ryzen dedicated hosting price, this solution offers incredibly resilient and stable protection against Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Their impact is simple – they stealthily steal information from OS kernel segments, or other programs or applications. By the way, today all processors based on the Core architecture are vulnerable to such vulnerabilities.
  • Ability to gain total control over the server. Utilizing such a solution offers unlimited and comprehensive access to server monitoring through the IPMI tool, as well as its management. Now you have the best tools in your hands to control any technical configurations and parameters of your hardware, which are located in the BIOS (multiplier, memory timings, bus frequency, and many other equally important parameters).


Cheap dedicated server hosting with AMD Ryzen from AlexHost

At AlexHost, you can rent such type of server incredibly advantageously, with guarantees of stability, security, and reliability. Only a processor like AMD Ryzen 7 can offer you a multitude of enhanced features, including:

  • A revolutionary new processor architecture produced by the AMD brand.
  • Support for the updated PCI Express interface (4th generation).
  • Increased cache (confirming improved performance).

Thus, before you is a powerful and versatile processor, ensuring critically modest energy consumption. Most often, owners of large corporate web resources, users interacting with databases, application developers, and owners of high-traffic websites consistently frequented by a large number of visitors turn to such a solution.

If you also decide to experience the power of this processor in action, be sure to order the appropriate tariff at AlexHost. Quality technical support, server stability, and its powerful technical parameters are guaranteed to every client, regardless of the project planned for launch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the uniqueness of AMD Ryzen Dedicated Servers?
Dedicated servers AMD Ryzen encompass a range of specific features. This is truly a unique hosting solution, based on stable and powerful processors from the globally renowned brand AMD Ryzen. It is this equipment that can guarantee the reliability of server operation and its flawless performance in solving any computational tasks, even the most complex and unconventional ones.
What are the technical characteristics of AMD Ryzen Dedicated Servers?
The entire functionality of AMD Ryzen dedicated server hosting is based on powerful multi-core processors, high-speed storage devices, connections, and networks, as well as a significant amount of RAM. These are the main technical parameters of the specified servers.
What projects and tasks can be deployed on AMD Ryzen Dedicated Servers?
Cheap dedicated server hosting with AMD Ryzen is the perfect solution for solving tasks of any complexity level, including virtualization projects, information processing, web hosting, and others. Much of the work with such projects is supported by the high reliability, energy efficiency, and proven performance of the equipment.

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