Data Center and Its Location

AlexHost, our company, operates in a modern data center located in the Republic of Moldova, in Chisinau. Situated 5 meters underground in a protected bomb shelter of a former military factory, our data center provides unparalleled security and confidentiality of data. The AlexHost team, comprised of highly skilled professionals, provides round-the-clock support and promptly resolves any technical issues.


Expansion and Global Presence

In addition to its primary location, AlexHost also has representations in the Netherlands and Sweden and plans further expansion. These additional locations ensure fast and quality service, as well as compliance with strict security standards, thus guaranteeing the protection of client data. The company plans to open new data centers in other strategically important regions to provide even broader coverage and accessibility of its services. For instance, the possibility of establishing branches in countries of Asia, North America, and Africa is being considered. This will allow AlexHost to provide even more reliable and efficient service to international clients, taking into account local requirements and preferences. Moreover, the expansion of geographic presence will strengthen the company’s global positioning as a reliable IT service provider and enhance its reputation at the international level.


Technical Support and Staff Training

We operate a customer support service available 24/7. The S.R.L. AlexHost team provides expert assistance and solutions. Our specialists continually improve their skills, regularly attending international training courses to enhance their qualifications, as evidenced by numerous international diplomas. In addition, internal training and seminars are held on a regular basis to keep the team up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the IT sphere. This approach ensures that our staff is always ready to offer relevant and effective solutions that meet the modern technological requirements and needs of clients. It also helps to increase the overall level of customer satisfaction, as they receive timely and competent support at every stage of interaction with our company.


Anonymity and Compliance with Legislation

AlexHost, registered in the Republic of Moldova, strictly adheres to local legislation, ensuring legal and transparent business operations. We use licensed software, which guarantees maximum anonymity and confidentiality of clients without requiring scans of passports or other documents for identity verification. This underscores our commitment to protecting personal information and ensuring the security of client data.

Additional information about our company, including legal aspects, is available on our official website AlexHost ( We adhere to all necessary norms and standards to ensure that our clients can be confident in the reliability and quality of the services we provide.

2008 Opening year
40 Gbit/s Total Channel
1.6 MW Total feeder capacity
1 TB / S Anti-DDos attacks
Hall of our data center

Basic information about the AlexHost data center

SSD Disk Drives

Data center is powered by 2 independent substations. Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. The total feeder capacity is 1.6 Megawatts.

Power continuity is provided by UPS's and personal SDMO diesel generator.


Four independent inputs: 10 Gbps /s each. Two of them are Tier1 ISPs. At the moment, the total channel with is 40 Gbit/s. The channels are constantly expanding, under the necessities and/or needs of our major Customers. Were also RIPE NCC members


Each cable has been lovingly crimped and thoroughly verified for efficiency. The network is based solely on the cables of 6th category. Routing within the network is provided by Cisco.


Constant temperature in the data-center is maintained within 24-27 degrees Celsius. Cooling is reserved under N + 1 scheme. The average annual is PUE 1.2.


Data-center is being guarded by 2 independent security agencies. The whole area preceding data-center has installed surveillance cameras and security guards throughout the perimeter.


Anti-DDos attacks up to 1 TeraBits per second security measures:
Protection provided by Voxility. Direct optical channel to Romania to Voxility data-center is provided by our partners.