Apple M1 Dedicated Servers

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Apple M1
vps features 1
Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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SSD Disk Drives
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1 Gbps Network
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IPv6 Support
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Welcome the New Product - Apple M1 Dedicated Servers. AlexHost dedicated servers powered by the Apple M1 chip provide incredible performance and efficiency to meet even your most demanding business needs. We have highlighted a number of benefits that you can take advantage of thanks to Apple M1 Dedicated Servers

CPU Apple M1

vps features 1
CPU M1 CPU Apple M1 RAM M1 8 RAM SSD M1 256 SSD speed M1 1 GBps Shared IPV4 M1 1 IPv4 0%
65.00€ / month
Set Up Fee - 10 EUR
M1 RAM Discs Port IP Traffic Period Price
Integration with the Apple ecosystem

You can now integrate with other Apple devices and services, providing you with a synchronized and efficient experience.

Product developer support

All M1-based Apple servers are supported by an active developer community to ensure that updates and fixes are quickly deployed.

High level of encryption technology

Apple M1 offers integrated data encryption technologies, ensuring a high level of security for your server data.

Access to Secure Enclave

The M1 chip includes security technologies such as Secure Enclave, making the server experience more secure.

Multitasking support

Multitasking on the M1 chip allows you to efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously on one dedicated server

Mac Mini Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Mac Mini Servers from AlexHost are an excellent opportunity for fast and very productive work. This is an access to a compact desktop computer manufactured by Apple. Mainly intended for use as a personal computer, server or multimedia center. Here are the main specs and features of the Mac Mini:

🟢Availability of fast and modern ports. The Dedicated Server based on Mac Mini is equipped with a variety of ports such as USB, Thunderbolt, HDMI, Ethernet, which provides versatile connectivity options.

🟢Equipped with an integrated graphics processor, Mac Mini gives you the power to run graphics efficiently in a variety of scenarios, such as virtualization or graphics-intensive computing.

🟢Access the macOS operating system and related applications optimized for the M1 architecture. This allows you to access work more efficiently on your Mac Mini. This in turn contributes to overall performance and usability.

Using a Mac Mini Dedicated Server provides a number of benefits, combining compactness, energy efficiency, performance and integration into the Apple ecosystem. This solution may be an ideal choice for those who value ease of management and high performance of server infrastructure. However, when choosing a Mac Mini for a dedicated server, it is important to consider the requirements of your specific project and select a configuration in accordance with these requirements.

Fast setup. Incredible M1 Speed. No long-term contracts.