VPS server 2gb RAM

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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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NVMe Disk Drives
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100 Mb/s Network
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IPv6 Support
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Unmanaged VPS


Managed VPS VIP

Processor 2 CoresRAM 2048 MBDiscs 40 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 30€ Order Now

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

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VPS 2Gb RAM, also known as Virtual Private Server, is a hosting service providing customers with their own virtual server environment and a dedicated 2 gigabytes of RAM. This allows users to have exclusive control over their resources and ensures optimal performance for websites or applications.


What is VPS 2Gb RAM?

Affordable and high-performing, VPS 2Gb RAM service offers a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and efficiency. It is specifically designed to cater to the hosting needs of websites, projects, and applications with modest resource demands. By opting for VPS hosting with 2Gb RAM from AlexHost provider, users gain unparalleled control over their hosting environment compared to traditional solutions. The 2Gb RAM allocation empowers users to tailor the server’s operating system, configurations, and software to suit the specific requirements of their digital projects.


VPS server 2GB RAM advantages

VPS 2Gb RAM offers several advantages, including:

  • Reliability. These VPS servers are built on virtualization and reliable hardware, ensuring high availability and guaranteed reliability.
  • Affordable Pricing. AlexHost provider offers cheap VPS/VDS 2Gb RAM, making it a cost-effective solution compared to servers with higher memory capacities.
  • Optimal Performance and Resources. The decent performance and resources provided by the 2Gb RAM enable efficient processing of medium or small workloads. This allows for hosting web resources, running applications, and handling moderate amounts of information with excellent quality.
  • Isolation. Each 2Gb RAM VPS server operates in a strictly isolated environment, ensuring top-notch security and reliability.
  • Flexibility. Users have complete control over the server, allowing for customization of the operating system, installation of necessary software, and overall server customization.
  • Scalability. The option to increase the capacity of the VPS, including the allocated RAM, provides the flexibility to adapt the server to the growing needs of a developing digital project easily and quickly.


Options for VPS hosting 2Gb RAM application

The cheap VPS 2Gb RAM offers an unbeatable combination of affordability, high performance, and flexible settings, making it the ideal choice for various web projects. This hosting solution provides a wide range of application options, including:

  • Game Servers. Applying VPS hosting 2Gb RAM, you can host game servers for small projects like Minecraft. The allocated resources ensure smooth gameplay and optimal support for players.
  • Private Proxy or VPN Server. Setting up a private VPN or proxy server becomes effortless with this solution. It guarantees a secure network connection and enables bypassing restrictions on accessing web resources.
  • Web Hosting. The 2Gb RAM is suitable for hosting multiple small or medium-sized web resources, providing reliable and efficient performance.
  • Application Development and Testing. The specific allocation of resources allows for the structured development and testing of web applications in a secure and isolated environment.
  • Stable Operation of Blogs and Forums. Small blogs and forums can benefit from the stability offered by VPS 2Gb RAM, ensuring smooth operation and high-quality processing of user requests.


What operating systems and applications may be installed on VPS server 2Gb RAM?

The VPS server with 2GB RAM, offered by AlexHost, presents a helpful option, empowering users to effortlessly launch web applications, manage server tasks, host web resources, and administer various programs within a virtual environment. This service provides a predetermined level of resources and performance. However, it’s important to note that the 2GB of RAM acts as a constraint for certain resource-intensive web applications and larger-scale sites.

With the VPS server featuring 2GB RAM, users have the flexibility to install diverse software, including operating systems and web applications, tailored to the unique requirements of their digital projects. Typically, the selection of software solutions for a VPS server with 2GB RAM can encompass operating Systems and Applications:

  • Hosting Control Panels (cPanel, Plesk, Webmin).
  • CMS or so-called Content Management Systems (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal).
  • Email Services (Postfix, Exim, Microsoft Exchange).
  • Various Server Applications (Docker, Node.js, Ruby on Rails).

Available Operating Systems:

  • Linux Distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE).
  • Windows Server (note, that Windows Server versions can be installed on a VPS, but might demand more resources than Linux distributions).

Applications and Services:

  • Web Servers (Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS).
  • Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server).

It’s essential to acknowledge that 2GB of RAM might impose limitations on certain applications, particularly those demanding substantial resources. AlexHost specialists advise prudent resource planning, ensuring the compatibility of selected applications with the available resources of the VPS server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What RAM amount is offered at VPS server 2 Gb RAM?
When you choose to order the VPS RAM 2Gb service from the reliable AlexHost hosting provider, you will receive a dedicated allocation of 2 gigabytes of RAM for your virtual server. This ample resource is exclusively available for your server, ensuring optimal performance. It allows for smooth and efficient processing of small to medium workloads. With 2 GB of RAM, you have an ideal solution for deploying and hosting websites, handling data processing, and running web applications. If your digital project demands additional resources, it may be worth considering renting a VPS with a higher RAM capacity.
What possibilities are offered by VPPS server with 2Gb RAM for web-sites and applications dislocation?
The VPS server with 2Gb RAM provides AlexHost’s clients with a range of technical features, including website hosting (full control over the server environment, allowing customization according to your needs); web application deployment (optimal resource capacity for launching and maintaining web applications); database management (beneficial for dynamic applications and websites that rely on database access); VPN and proxy servers (enables you to bypass access restrictions to web resources, ensuring secure and unrestricted browsing); email management (flexibility to configure and manage your email services efficiently).
May I scale the VPS server with 2 Gb RAM resources, including RAM parameter? 
Before purchasing a VPS/VDS with 2Gb RAM, it is advisable to inquire about the scalability of server resources. It's recommended to discuss this matter with the technical support specialists at AlexHost, as the availability of scaling options may vary depending on the chosen tariff plan. In most cases, users can upgrade the RAM allocation by transitioning to a more robust plan. This allows for obtaining additional resources, which proves valuable when your digital project requires more memory for stable and efficient operation. Ensure you clarify the scalability options to make an informed decision and accommodate the evolving needs of your project.
How are the safety and reliability of VPS server with 2 Gb RAM provided?
The stability and security of a VPS server with 2 gigabytes of RAM are upheld through various measures. Physical security measures, such as access control to data centers and video surveillance, ensure the protection of server rooms. Network security is maintained through the implementation of mechanisms and tools (traffic filters and firewalls), which safeguard the server from potential threats. Regular patches and software updates are applied to address vulnerabilities and keep the system secure. Isolation and virtualization techniques provide an additional layer of security by separating the server's resources and processes from the underlying infrastructure. Together, these measures work harmoniously to support the stable and secure operation of the VPS server, protecting it from unauthorized access and potential security risks.

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