In modern web hosting and IT infrastructure, virtual private servers (VPS) have become an integral part. However, when it comes to a new VPS server, the key issue for many users is the time required to activate it. In this article, we will look at the process of activating a VPS server, the factors influencing the duration of this process, and also consider the steps that can be taken to optimize the activation time.

What is VPS and why is it needed?

A virtual private server is a virtualized platform that provides the user with isolated resources and full control over server settings. Using a VPS, you can host websites, applications, and perform various tasks comparable to the functionality of a physical server.

VPS activation process

The VPS activation time depends on several factors:

  • Service Provider. AlexHost provides instant activation of a virtual machine. The activation process takes no more than 30 minutes on our service! The server is activated immediately after confirmation of payment, and the OS installation process takes 20-30 minutes. Depending on the OS, the time may vary, but usually it is no more than half an hour.
  • Selected plan. Typically, different plans may have different activation time frames. However, this does not apply to our clients – we activate servers of any configuration within a certain time! It’s fast and very convenient
  • Payment process. The time it takes to confirm payment may also affect activation. AlexHost activates the servers only after successful payment. You should definitely take into account the commission of payment systems and the features of their gateway

Factors affecting activation time

  • Order verification. Time Required Some companies require order verification, which may require additional time.
  • Technical settings. If specific settings are selected, for example, you chose to install a control panel, or an additional number of IPv4 addresses – in this case, this may increase the VPS setup time.


The activation time for a VPS server depends on various factors, including the service provider, the selected plan and technical settings. Users can speed up the process by choosing reliable providers, filling out the order carefully and choosing standard options. Understanding these aspects will help users make informed decisions when choosing VPS hosting and optimize the activation time of their virtual server