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To date, the Internet has played the main role in successfully building a company. Especially in recent years, as a result of the emergence of COVID-19. More and more product and services are switching to online mode. If you want your business to develop at full capacity, you definitely need to have your own website. And that requires a domain name.

6 Features & Benefits With Every Domain Name

  • Free User-friendly control panel
  • Free Unlimited number of subdomains
  • Free Full control over the DNS settings
  • Free WHOIS information access
  • Free Parking and Redirection options
  • Free 24/7 Support

World and country-specific domains (new TLD)

Popular domain zones that are best suited for your future project!!!

Domain (TLD)Registration / 1 yearTransferRenewalWhois Contacts Privacy / 1 year
.info€27.58 EUR€74.64 EUR€27.58 EUR
.com€22.50 EUR€22.50 EUR€31.30 EUR
.store€70.40 EUR€231.40 EUR€70.40 EUR
.live€56.41 EUR€112.82 EUR€56.41 EUR
.gg€350.00 EUR€350.00 EUR€350.00 EUR
.cc€46.78 EUR€46.78 EUR€53.80 EUR
.shop€60.99 EUR€100.99 EUR€60.99 EUR
.agency€42.26 EUR€42.26 EUR€42.26 EUR
.de€16.50 EUR€16.50 EUR€16.50 EUR
.online€49.26 EUR€9,200.00 EUR€49.26 EUR
.travel€180.00 EUR€294.00 EUR€180.00 EUR
.net€20.90 EUR€20.90 EUR€30.80 EUR
.org€17.60 EUR€17.60 EUR€17.60 EUR
.me€31.90 EUR€31.90 EUR€31.90 EUR
.at€23.99 EUR€23.99 EUR€23.99 EUR
.fr€11.95 EUR€11.95 EUR€16.95 EUR
.it€22.95 EUR€22.95 EUR€22.95 EUR
.mobi€36.30 EUR€36.30 EUR€36.30 EUR
.us€20.90 EUR€20.90 EUR€20.90 EUR
.co€173.80 EUR€217.80 EUR€328.90 EUR
.biz€29.70 EUR€29.70 EUR€29.70 EUR€18.70 EUR€18.70 EUR€18.70 EUR
.pro€19.77 EUR€61.17 EUR€22.99 EUR
.pw€25.00 EUR€72.00 EUR€25.00 EUR€179.00 EUR€179.00 EUR€179.00 EUR
.love€33.50 EUR€37.00 EUR€37.00 EUR
.ca€58.22 EUR€58.22 EUR€58.22 EUR
.app€35.58 EUR€612.02 EUR€35.58 EUR
.tv€68.21 EUR€94.27 EUR€68.21 EUR
.game€598.00 EUR€2,400.00 EUR€598.00 EUR
.business€13.99 EUR€114.48 EUR€13.99 EUR
.kitchen€31.60 EUR€120.99 EUR€31.60 EUR

Domain Transfer

If you have already registered your domain name and want to transferit to AlexHost, you can find more details here. We have also implemented the Bulk Domain Transfer feature. This means that you can simply enter a list of domains to transfer, one per line, followed by colon “:” and authcode.

Domain name registration

The domain name or simply domain features a unique address, corresponding to your website location in the global web. Any domain name includes various symbols (letters and numbers as well). In order to register the domain, one needs first to come up with the second-level domain and then choose the specific domain zone. For example, in the the site is responsible for the second-level domain, and .ru – is specifically for the domain zone. Further, you need to find a reliable provider and buy the domain for the website. AlexHost is the best domain names’ registrar, offering the most beneficial price for an impeccable domain-buying service. The domains’ price may be specified by the AlexHost manager: it depends mainly on the registration zone and accompanying services.


Domain registration in AlexHost

Domain name registration takes place in the process of cooperation with a reliable registrar AlexHost, accredited by ICANN. The AlexHost team tests the status of a domain and, if it is recognized as free, offers clients the creation of an appropriate record in WHOIS with information about a specific domain owner.

Domain name registrar AlexHost offers to buy a domain name cheaply, legally register it, and subsequently rent a suitable type of dedicated server. Regardless of the complexity and specifics of your website configurations, AlexHost experts will offer:

  • Best domain solutions.
  • Perfect technical support according to any domain registration questions.
  • Democratic domain registration price.

Experts remind you that it is most profitable to register a domain with a hosting provider with whom you are subsequently going to cooperate on hosting a site (renting a dedicated server). AlexHost domain registrar, in parallel with the domain registration service, offers customers several related services, including:

  • The address status check (free or busy).
  • Alternative solutions search in case the needed domain is already busy.
  • The dedicated service rent.

Domain name registration with the support of AlexHost specialists provides an opportunity to determine free addresses in various domain zones. In some cases, it may be necessary to register several domain extensions that will be used for the main name. Thus, registering a domain name will allow you to protect yourself from competitors who can buy your domain extensions. AlexHost specialists are sure that purchasing several domain extensions for any web project can definitely become your advantage.


Where to register the domain profitably?

Where is the best place to register a domain? We recommend you order hosting and domain from a reliable hosting provider AlexHost. When planning to register a domain, you should understand that this procedure does not involve a full-fledged purchase of a domain name, but just its rent for a fixed period. The minimum registration duration with the support of the domain registrar AlexHost is 1 year. The price of the domain is the most affordable, specified at the consultation stage and prescribed in the service agreement.

After a successful domain registration procedure, you can become its direct owner (administrator) for an agreed period. Based on the domain, it is possible to create mail or a website. The owner also has options to sell the domain or renew its registration. However, the ultimate owner of domains is considered to be ICANN, which at the international level controls the management of IP addresses and domain names.

Domain registrar AlexHost offers several free services available when ordering any domain name, including free ones:

  • Control panel.
  • The required quantity of subdomains (unlimited).
  • Control and access to all the DNS settings.


AlexHost – the reliable domain registrar

AlexHost specialists have managed to accumulate enough experience to provide you with a high-quality and stable domain registration service. We will help you choose a name that suits your brand, check its status, and perform the entire range of registration activities. The cost of a domain per year varies and depends on a number of technical factors discussed during the consultation process. We will suggest the best solutions, check their reliability, and offer the best price for a domain – the most democratic in the modern market.

On the required free domain name appearing you should quickly make the purchase. If you are planning to buy the domain name with AlexHost support, managers will ask to provide personal information, contact data and pay for the service. After depositing in the proper amount, you become an owner (temporary user) of the chosen Internet address immediately.


How does the domain name registration procedure work?

In order to register the domain name with the help of AlexHost specialists, one needs to apply for the service online or contact the company’s manager. The domain owner undertakes to comply with a number of rules dictated by the regulator (AlexHost). We offer the most flexible and loyal terms of cooperation, as well as the best price tag for the specified type of service. In addition to registering the name, the domain must also present on DNS name servers in order to ensure that the domain is open and available on the network. AlexHost offers a full range of services that allows you to buy hosting and a domain at a bargain price to ensure the maximum efficiency and stability of your project. The AlexHost specialists may offer you the best domain name, precisely reflecting your business concept, provide full consulting at any stage of the procedure, and perfect technical support.


Main steps for domain registration

Registering a domain involves several crucial stages, each contributing to the seamless acquisition of your online identity. When choosing to register a domain with the support of a provider like AlexHost, here is a step-by-step sequence of actions:

  • Determine the Optimal Domain Name. Start by identifying relevant phrases or keywords that directly represent the essence of your project. Choose a unique and memorable domain name that aligns with the content and purpose of your brand or site.
  • Accessibility Assessment. Check the availability of the selected domain name using online services. If the desired domain is already taken, consider alternative names or explore different domain extensions to find an option that suits your needs.
  • Select a Reliable Registrar. Choose a responsible and reliable registrar to facilitate the domain registration process. AlexHost stands out as a trustworthy provider that offers support in securing your desired domain.
  • Fill Out the Registration Form. Provide all necessary information for domain registration, including details about the owner, contact information, and additional information about DNS servers. Accuracy and up-to-date information are essential to ensure a smooth registration process.
  • Determine the Registration Period. Decide on the registration period, typically ranging from 1 to several years. Opting for a longer registration period may come with the benefit of a reduced price. Consider your long-term plans for the domain.
  • Confirm the Ordered Option and Make Payment. Confirm your selected options for domain registration and proceed with the payment. AlexHost offers a variety of payment methods, allowing clients to choose the most optimal and comfortable option for their transactions.
  • Confirmation of Successful Domain Registration. Once payment is processed, you’ll receive confirmation of the successful registration of your domain. This signifies the completion of the registration process.

Upon successful registration, you gain access to your domain management tools through the registrar’s control panel.

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