Linux Ubuntu VPS

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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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NVMe Disk Drives
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100 Mb/s Network
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IPv6 Support
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Unmanaged Linux VPS

Processor PROMO 1 CoreRAM 1536MBDiscs 10GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 4€ 0% 4€ Order Now
Processor PROMO 2 CoresRAM 4096 MBDiscs 40 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 10€ 0% 10€ Order Now
Processor PROMO 4 CoresRAM 8192MBDiscs 80 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 16€ 0% 16€ Order Now

Managed Linux VPS VIP

Processor 1 CoresRAM 1024 MBDiscs 10GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 10€ Order Now
Processor 1 CoreRAM 1024 MBDiscs 25GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 20€ Order Now
Processor 2 CoresRAM 2048 MBDiscs 40 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 30€ Order Now
Processor 4 CoresRAM 4096 MBDiscs 60 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 40€ Order Now
Processor 6 CoresRAM 6144 MBDiscs 100 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 55€ Order Now
Processor 8 CoresRAM 8192 MBDiscs 150 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 70€ Order Now

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

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Ubuntu VPS

Ubuntu VPS represents a dedicated virtual server that operates under the advanced Ubuntu Server operating system. It is structured upon the Linux OS foundation and serves various server roles. Whether it’s utilized as a convenient file storage, game server, or LAN access server, Ubuntu VPS provides extensive functionality suitable for both home and office environments. By opting for Ubuntu VPS hosting, you gain access to a range of new opportunities to tackle technical tasks efficiently, and it seamlessly integrates with Docker and Kubernetes. Trustworthy hosting AlexHost provider offers affordable rental services for Ubuntu VPS hosting.


Ubuntu VPS technical features

Nowadays, there is a growing interest among website owners in the cost-effective rental service of Ubuntu VPS. This service is highly sought after due to the popularity and versatility of the Ubuntu operating system. Being Linux-based, Ubuntu is renowned for its optimization, making it an ideal choice for efficiently managing multiple servers.

By obtaining a temporary Ubuntu VPS server with the support of AlexHost’s skilled team, you gain access to a high-performance and stable operating system. Moreover, this product ensures minimal consumption of system resources, making it a cost-effective solution. Ubuntu OS is well-suited for a wide range of tasks; however, it is advisable to have an experienced engineer familiar with Linux infrastructure for its administration and maintenance.

AlexHost’s specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance in setting up your Ubuntu VPS server. If needed, the hosting provider’s engineers can help you adjust the system configurations based on your requirements.

Once the OS is successfully installed, you can easily connect to your personal VDS server using the secure SSH protocol, ensuring a safe connection. Authorization on the server can be done through a standard account, and later, by utilizing the sudo command, you can assign yourself root privileges. The Ubuntu VPS server always utilizes the latest kernel among all Linux server operating systems. When renting an Ubuntu based server, it’s important to be aware of the data collection process (it can be easily deactivated during the installation phase). The data collected by the company’s server includes information about the hardware, system version, network settings, and disk layout.


Ubuntu VPS hosting advantages

Ubuntu VPS hosting is characterized by a number of bright benefits, including:

  • Guaranteed high level of security (users can be sure of the absolute security of their data from any unauthorized access).
  • Stability and reliability (owners of highly loaded servers in the cloud often resort to this solution; such a system does not need to restart the PC regularly even after a recent update; the indicated solution also consumes built-in RAM resources very rationally).
  • Excellent performance (the secret of performance lies in the specific architecture of the kernel, the pragmatic use of power and the rejection of the GUI).
  • Modest hardware and resource requirements.

Ubuntu VPS hosting is highly sought after due to its regular updates. Ubuntu Server, receives updates twice a year, ensuring reliable protection against hackers and cyberattacks. This system operates without critical errors, a characteristic that extends to all server operating systems based on Linux. Being an open-source product, Ubuntu offers advanced functionality and is completely free. Therefore, choosing a VPS based on Ubuntu results in significant cost savings compared to other competitive operating systems. Additionally, Ubuntu VPS hosting guarantees stability and uninterrupted performance for programs and applications based on Java and PHP.

When renting Ubuntu VPS hosting from AlexHost, you’ll appreciate the well-designed horizontal scalability. As your digital project evolves and expands, you can easily and swiftly adjust the server’s functionality to meet the growing demands of your web venture. Ubuntu Server doesn’t feature a personal graphical interface, which leads to minimal resource consumption. However, administering the server requires experience with the console and familiarity with a Linux-based operating system.


Order the Ubuntu VPS server rent at AlexHost

To obtain the most cost-effective Ubuntu VPS hosting rental service, simply reach out to the AlexHost engineers through phone, email, or the online chat on their website. AlexHost provides access to pre-configured setups based on top-quality server hardware. Depending on your project’s requirements, you can utilize an SSD with a minimum capacity of 5 GB. The hosting provider’s services allow you to modify the default configurations over time (expanding or reducing them). This ensures that you receive a customized server solution that perfectly aligns with the needs and demands of your online business venture.

With 24/7 technical support, AlexHost’s competent engineers are always available to assist you. When placing an order, provide the operator with the current system parameters in order he could help you select the most optimal solution for the project. If you’re interested in purchasing Ubuntu VPS rental service, get in touch with specialists through one of the convenient contact methods. Prior to that, you can even receive an expert’s phone consultation to determine the best version of Ubuntu for your needs, with or without LTS (Long-Term Support).


Ubuntu VPS hosting: safety guarantees

Get ready to discover another sought-after service from the trusted AlexHost provider: Ubuntu VPS hosting. This service’s security is fortified through an array of measures, tools, and solutions, ensuring safeguarding against unauthorized access and offering a high level of protection against potential threats to the user’s server. Here are some of the most effective measures to ensure security on Linux Ubuntu VPS hosting:

  • Firewall and Antivirus Installation. Despite Ubuntu’s relative resilience to viruses, the provider strongly advises installing antivirus software and configuring the firewall. These steps are intended to fortify the system’s security.
  • Patches and Updates. Regular updates to the Linux Ubuntu system, including installing security patches, are crucial to swiftly address known vulnerabilities.
  • Secure Access Methods. Safeguard your Ubuntu VPS hosting through robust passwords and SSH keys for each account utilized on the server, enabling secure remote access.
  • Physical Security Measures. Ensure that physical access to the rented server is limited and adequately protected to prevent unauthorized entry to the server equipment.
  • Log Maintenance and Monitoring. Maintain event logs and periodically monitor them to promptly address any signs of suspicious activities within the server infrastructure.
  • Deactivation of Unused Services. Disable any unused web services to reduce the attack surface.
  • Data Encryption. Implement data encryption to ensure a high level of security for transmitted information and data stored on the server.

By implementing these measures, the overall security of Linux Ubuntu VPS hosting is significantly enhanced, providing protection for both the server and the data against diverse potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Ubuntu VPS and what are its primary uses?
Ubuntu VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a dedicated virtual server running on the Ubuntu Server operating system, which is based on Linux. It is versatile and can serve various server roles such as file storage, game server, or LAN access server. Its compatibility with Docker and Kubernetes makes it suitable for both home and office environments. Ubuntu VPS is popular for its efficiency in handling technical tasks and offers extensive functionality.
What are the key technical features and benefits of using Ubuntu VPS hosting?
Ubuntu VPS hosting stands out for its high security, stability, reliability, and excellent performance, with minimal hardware and resource requirements. It is optimized for managing multiple servers and ensures minimal consumption of system resources. Regular updates, including semi-annual updates for the Ubuntu Server, provide reliable protection against cyber threats. Additionally, its open-source nature offers advanced functionality and cost savings compared to other operating systems.
How does one get started with Ubuntu VPS hosting from AlexHost, and what support is available?
To rent Ubuntu VPS hosting from AlexHost, you can contact their engineers via email, or online chat. AlexHost offers pre-configured setups based on quality server hardware with options for customization based on your project's requirements. They provide 24/7 technical support and assistance in setting up and managing your server. AlexHost also offers consultations to help choose the best Ubuntu version for your needs, including options with Long-Term Support (LTS).

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