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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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SSD Disk Drives
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100 Mb/s Network
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IPv6 Support
30-day money-back guarantee

Unmanaged VPS

Processor RAM Discs Port IP Virtualization Traffic Period Price
Processor PROMO
 1 Core
RAM 1536MB Discs 10GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 48€ 75% 11.88€ Order Now
Processor PROMO
2 Cores
RAM 4096 MB Discs 40 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 120€ 50% 60€ Order Now
Processor PROMO
4 Cores
RAM 8192MB Discs 80 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 192€ 25% 144€ Order Now

Managed VPS VIP

Processor RAM Discs Port IP Virtualization Traffic Period Price
Processor 1 Cores RAM 1024 MB Discs 10GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 10€ Order Now
Processor 1 Core RAM 1024 MB Discs 25GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 20€ Order Now
Processor 2 Cores RAM 2048 MB Discs 40 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 30€ Order Now
Processor 4 Cores RAM 4096 MB Discs 60 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 40€ Order Now
Processor 6 Cores RAM 6144 MB Discs 100 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 55€ Order Now
Processor 8 Cores RAM 8192 MB Discs 150 GB SSD Port 100 MBps IP 1 IPv4 Virtualization KVM Traffic Period 0% 70€ Order Now

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

Are you looking for something else?

PROMO Hosting Basic Hosting
from 0.75€/mo
  • 5 sites
  • 5 Mysql Databases
  • 1GB SSD Disk
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
Promo Core i7 Promo Core i7 DDR3
from 63.00€ /month
  • CPU Intel Core i7 DDR3
  • Minimal RAM - 4GB DDR3
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
from 16.00€ /mo
  • 8192MB RAM
  • 4 Cores
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
from 0.99€ /mo
  • 1536MB RAM
  • 1 Core
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection

VPS / VDS on SSD – fast servers for demanding sites

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It uses virtualization technology to provide clients with their own private resources on a multi-user server. This is one of the popular hosting services because it is quick to set up and extremely cost effective. SSD VPS is a form of VPS hosting that uses a solid state drive instead of other traditional spinning drives in order to provide better performance and use less power.

Get a VPS today

The AlexHost team can get your server up and running the same day you ordered it and most of them will be set up within an hour.

Technical support

You can count on our technical support 24/7, 365 days a year. Call or write us.


Our server platform is built from the ground up for high performance and availability, using Juniper hardware for total peace of mind.

Juniper technology

We host our VPS servers only on the equipment of the world’s leading brands. The combination of Dell, Intel and Juniper networking technology provides the best possible platform for delivering virtualization services with high performance, optimal availability, and low failure rates.

Our high-speed servers meet all the reliability requirements, with particular attention to energy consumption.


All of our VPS servers come with a choice of Plesk or cPanel to create, manage and run your website.

Plesk is a software package designed to simplify the management of your SSD VPS. A simple online interface allows you to create space to host your sites, manage FTP users, email accounts, databases, and install or update software. Plesk also offers a number of useful tools for quickly backing up your server and data, both locally and remotely, that can be restored even if needed, even on another server. Plesk is constantly updated to remain 100% safe from the risk of any attack, and includes anti-virus and anti-spam software for complete peace of mind when sending and receiving email.


Unleash the power of cPanel and get full access to all the tools you need to manage your VPS. The intuitive interface will ensure smooth operation. This makes it easy to automate tasks, software updates, patches, and manage sites. Integrated backup tools provide a secure way to back up and transfer all files and manage FTP.

Administrator rights

With administrator rights, you can configure and manage your server as freely as possible. This means you can quickly and easily compile software from sources, configure a firewall, or install an add-on on your server.

Highly customizable

If you are looking for a simple solution with the best value for money, then one of our VPS options is perfect for you. As your business grows, it’s very easy to quickly upgrade to the next VPS package.

Installation and free operating system

Operating system licenses are always included, even for the latest versions of Windows. Open the Operating System section of the Customer Portal and select your preferred operating system from the constantly updated list.

24/7 technical support is always available

AlexHost support will provide you with all the help you need to solve any problems with VPS servers. You can always count on our help to ensure the continuity of your services and sites.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I be able to upgrade my VPS?
Yes, of course, just contact our experienced team and they will help you with the update. You can call us at +373 22878787 or send a request to the support service.
Can I get full admin access to my VPS?
Yes, you get full admin access through your customer portal. This allows you to login and manage your VPS via SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows.
How can I access my VPS resources?
You can use our Client Portal to administer your VPS or if you want to avoid manual configuration of your server, you can add Plesk or cPanel for a more convenient management interface.
What is the difference between VPS / VDS?
There is no difference. It is one and the same service that users call differently.
What is the difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS
The difference between Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS, VPS Managed is managed by a professional and technical team, which will install, configure and optimize your VPS. Unlike Unmanaged VPS you are the only who will manage it, you will be responsable for install, configure, fix for yourself.
I bought your VPS, when will be activated?
Our VPS are deployed within 15 minutes, you will receive email or you can go to your account, it will be displayed as service actived. If you don't receive your VPS after 1 hour, please open a ticket support. *Installation of VPS OS may take up to 1 hour to install, in any case open a ticket support if you have any issue.
I can install cPanel or other panel in VPS?
Yes, you can. We have cPanel, but is paid. However if you want you can use free panel like HestiaCP, myVestaCP, Webmin, ISPConfig, keyhelp control panel, Centos Web Panel without any costs. If you don't have knowledge the recommend you use a paid panel, open a ticket support and request which paid panel you want.
What is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?
Unmanaged VPS is the customer who will do the tasks like Installation, Configuration, Hardening, Security, Setup, Fixing his own VPS. Unmanaged, is the opposite of managed, unmanager means that it will be managed by client / customer.
Pros of Unmanaged VPS
The pros of Unmanaged VPS is that you control and you do whatever you want e.g Setup, Installation, hardening security and web servers, installation of scripts and CMS. You are the boss, you rock!
Cons of Unmanaged VPS Hosting
The only cons, is if you don't have basic knowledge you won't be able to fix what you did wrong or some mistakes you did in your server. Because is unmanaged by our team, and managed by the client.
What is Managed VPS?
Managed VPS is managed by Alexhost team, we do the basic management or full management of your servers, we help you manage your servers and be sure that everything is run as supposed to be. With managed VPS you don't need to worry about if you have skills or not, we do it and we take care of it for you.
Pros of Managed VPS
Our experts technicals will manage your VPS server, and will make sure everything is running well, and it take properly actions when needed to avoid any issue with your server, we will monitorize and manage it by our team.
Cons of Managed VPS
The only cons, is due to VPS being managed by Alexhost technicals, Security and other things can be limited, to prevent any interruption in the service. You may be limited with root privileges. We need to make sure Security is the most important thing in Managed Servers.

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