Dedicated Server 256GB RAM

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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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SSD Disk Drives
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1 Gbps Network
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IPv6 Support
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256 GBRAMDiscsPortIPTrafficPeriodPrice
Cores: 20 Theads: 40
Clockspeed: 2.80 GHz
Turbo Speed: 3.60 GHz
Processor 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 v2
RAM 256GB DDR3 ECCDiscs 8 x 600GB SASPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 99.00€ 0% 99.00€ Order Now
Cores: 12 Theads: 24
Clockspeed: 2.4 GHZ
Turbo Speed: 3.2 GHZ
Processor 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v3
RAM 256GB DDR4 ECCDiscs SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 344,00€ 0% 344,00€ Order Now
Cores: 36 Theads: 72
Clockspeed: 2.3 GHz
Turbo Speed: 3.6 GHz
Processor 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2699 v3
RAM 256GB DDR4 ECCDiscs SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 373,00€ 0% 373,00€ Order Now

Dedicated Service platform with maximum speed & stability

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Dedicated server 256Gb RAM

Dedicated server 256Gb RAM allows to fully unleash and expand the potential of your business, regardless of its direction and theme, thanks to the large amount of RAM. Structured specifically for high speed, scalability features, and maximum stability, 256GB RAM dedicated hosting makes users rethink concepts such as server execution, 100% safety, and responsibility for processing large volumes of information. Now you can easily and worry-free launch any, even the most demanding and “capricious” applications, and be confident in the stability of their operation and the growth of the enterprise without any limitations. 256GB RAM dedicated server hosting significantly improves and enhances the quality of the digital infrastructure, allowing businesses to take giant leaps forward and develop in all directions of interest to you.


Look through the basic dedicated server 256Gb RAM merits

If you are already considering adding “buy 256GB RAM dedicated server” to your agenda today, first familiarize yourself with the key benefits of such an effective solution.

Maximum executionThis advantage is demonstrated by the capability of a cheap 256GB RAM dedicated server to efficiently and swiftly handle even the most complex and challenging tasks. As a result, you obtain a responsive and expedient user experience.
Quality satisfaction of the needs of a growing enterpriseThe specified type of servers is characterized by enhanced scalability capabilities, allowing for easy and swift adaptation to the changing needs of a dynamically growing and evolving enterprise. Consequently, you can easily and effectively expand your potential and capabilities, aligning with the pace of enterprise growth.
Evident economy of the resourcesExploiting cheap 256Gb RAM dedicated server, you can intelligently address questions regarding server resource optimization and protect your enterprise from excessive expenses on paying for additional volumes of RAM. This aspect is crucial for small and medium-sized organizations that aim to minimize costs while ensuring impeccable server performance.

256Gb RAM Dedicated server hosting: meaningful IT option

Cheap dedicated server hosting with 256Gb RAM undeniably attracts attention, especially in our modern world of innovation and technology. If you want to ensure quality online presence for your business, considering the possibility of renting such a server with sufficient RAM should be your priority. It will bring substantial benefits and a multitude of advantages to any business, regardless of its scale and specificity!

How significant is the memory capacity in modern business realities? In fact, the ability to easily, error-free, and efficiently process large volumes of information is an incredibly significant factor in ensuring high server performance and uninterrupted operation. Therefore, 256GB RAM dedicated hosting will allow you to fully enjoy the harmony and balance between server stability and its reasonable cost. This is precisely why this solution ranks among the top most attractive and advantageous options for the vast majority of enterprises.


Order cheap dedicated server hosting with 256Gb RAM at AlexHost

AlexHost offers an incredibly advantageous hosting option at an affordable price to all its new and existing clients. Such a solution is applicable to various business projects and is characterized by reliability and stability. The combination of the available 256GB RAM dedicated hosting price and its impeccable technical parameters makes this product the most popular and frequently ordered. At AlexHost, you can receive comprehensive consultation on choosing the appropriate configuration and determine the optimal hosting tariff plan with 256GB RAM.

Certainly, the substantial memory capacity is a critical indicator, but no less important is the ability to obtain an optimal balance between the rental price and the optimal memory volume. Only at AlexHost can you order a financially accessible hosting solution in combination with access to its enhanced technical parameters. The 256GB RAM dedicated hosting price will be acceptable and democratic both for medium-sized and large enterprises. As a result, you can achieve high server execution and simultaneously avoid additional payments for unnecessary resources.

If you have been searching for an economical yet productive option for your online platform, take a closer look at this hosting offer from AlexHost. A large memory capacity will provide flexibility for any applications and, at the same time, allow your business to grow and develop without limitations. Without such an option, advancing in the modern digital environment is quite challenging, a fact even inexperienced users can confirm.

By using this option from AlexHost, you can also install various applications, programs, and services that are essential for your operations. For example, you can install databases, web servers, data analytics applications, security software, virtualization platforms, and many other tools and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does dedicated server with 256GB RAM suit small and medium-sized enterprises?
The dedicated server 256GB RAM from AlexHost is a powerful solution that is perfectly suited for various business needs, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the volume of data required for processing, as well as budget constraints, this server can be an ideal choice for companies of different scales.
How is data security ensured on a Dedicated server with such memory capacity?
To ensure reliable data protection on 256GB RAM dedicated server hosting, various methods and strategies are employed. Data encryption is an important means of protecting confidential information on the server. Enhanced access protection to the server also plays an important role (multi-level authentication, strong passwords, as well as access control mechanisms, including virtual private networks (VPN) and firewalls).
Can I install my own software on dedicated server with 256GB RAM?
Using cheap dedicated server hosting with 256GB RAM provides the user with ample opportunities to install essential software necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

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