Installing a dedicated server and preparing all the necessary components is a process that can take some time, often up to a day. In this article, we will try to explain and analyze the reasons why this process takes so long, and look at possible ways to speed up the process.

Checking and Confirming the Order

The first stage of installing a dedicated server involves checking and confirming the order. AlexHost carefully checks the information provided by the client. We then carry out verification to prevent fraud. This step may take some time, especially if additional verification is required.

Physical Preparation of Server Equipment

Installing a dedicated server also includes physical preparation of the equipment. This may include installing and configuring hardware, connecting to a network, and other time-consuming processes. This may also include other features that the client may request for installation. Administrative work by our network engineers is carried out additionally, and this is a paid service. The cost is 20 EUR per hour.

Installing and Configuring the Operating System

After physical preparation and configuration of the server server hardware, installation and configuration of the operating system follows. This process may take additional time, especially if the customer selects a specific operating system or settings. Only for dedicated servers there is the possibility of customizing the OS (ISO Image), only upon individual request.

Network Configuration and Security

Configuring network settings and securing the server also require attention and time. This includes the configuration of network interfaces, firewall settings and other security measures to ensure stable operation of the server.

Testing and Quality Control

An extremely important process after installing and configuring the server. At this stage, full testing and quality control takes place. This is an important step that ensures that the server works correctly and meets the client’s expectations.