Dedicated Server 64GB RAM

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Dedicated IP
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Full Root Access
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SSD Disk Drives
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1 Gbps Network
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IPv6 Support
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64 GBRAMDiscsPortIPTrafficPeriodPrice
Processor 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2620 v3
RAM 64GB DDR4 ECCDiscs SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 176,00€ 0% 176,00€ Order Now
Cores: 16 Theads: 32
Clockspeed: 3.5 GHZ
Turbo Speed: 4.7 GHZ
Average CPU Mark : 39171
Processor Ryzen™ 9 3950X
RAM 64GB DDR4Discs NVMe SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 199.00€ 0% 199.00€ Order Now
Cores: 36 Theads: 72
Clockspeed: 2.3 GHz
Turbo Speed: 3.6 GHz
Processor 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2699 v3
RAM 64GB DDR4 ECCDiscs SSDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 205,00€ 0% 205,00€ Order Now
Processor Intel® Core™ i9-9900K DDR4
RAM 64GB DDR4Discs M2 NVMe, M2 SSD or SATA HDDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 215,54€ 0% 215,54€ Order Now
Processor Intel® Core™ i9-10920X DDR4
RAM 64GB DDR4Discs M2 NVMe, M2 SSD or SATA HDDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 248,77€ 0% 248,77€ Order Now
Cores: 8 Theads: 8
Clockspeed: 3.0 GHZ
Turbo Speed: 4.7 GHZ
Processor Intel® Core™ i7-9700 DDR4
RAM 64GB DDR4Discs M2 NVMe, M2 SSD or SATA HDDPort 1 GBps SharedIP 1 IPv4TrafficPeriod 255,00€ 0% 255,00€ Order Now

Dedicated Service platform with maximum speed & stability

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Dedicated server 64Gb RAM

Dedicated server 64Gb RAM is the most frequently requested option among a wide range of AlexHost clients. You also can use such a solution to promote various projects and websites. Before ordering 64GB RAM dedicated hosting service, many inquire about the key differences between this option and other well-known types of hosting worldwide. It is known that the modern digital world is extremely demanding in terms of resource quality. Many projects launched today in the digital space dictate high requirements for the quality and volume of a range of parameters, including RAM, server flexibility, and hardware resilience. Thus, every second entrepreneur today pursues the goal to rent or even buy 64Gb RAM dedicated server with consistent AlexHost supplier backing.


Dedicated server 64Gb RAM: main differences from other types of hosting

Take into account, that 64Gb RAM Dedicated server hosting differs from other types of hosting primarily due to its high performance and overall technological exclusivity. When compared to virtual or shared hosting (resource sharing among all clients), 64GB RAM dedicated hosting provides a unique opportunity to exclusively utilize all server resources (1 server per client).

Moreover, this solution stands out from any other similar products with a guarantee of premium performance and stability. In other words, you can fully exploit the entire RAM capacity (specifically, the designated 64GB), providing your project with maximum performance and premium conduct, even when dealing with extremely large data volumes.

Additionally, AlexHost is pleased to offer you access to cheap 64GB RAM dedicated servers and ensure absolute security of the server environment and infrastructure. By strictly assigning resource rights to one client, it is possible to automatically minimize the risks of potential vulnerabilities and potential virus attacks. Every AlexHost client who orders the mentioned option can customize security systems as they wish and then implement access control to information (similarly, in accordance with personal security standards and project needs).


64Gb RAM Dedicated server hosting: referable projects’ types

Cheap 64Gb RAM dedicated server provides each user interested in such a service with maximum resources and performance. This automatically classifies this option as universal solutions that can perfectly fit and adapt to a wide range of different web projects. You are free to utilize the capabilities of cheap dedicated server hosting with 64GB RAM for each of the following projects:

  • Large informational websites and extensive portals. Guaranteed quality processing of large data sets, abundance of parallel requests, while maintaining an optimal level of execution.
  • Any projects in the e-commerce segment. This includes medium and large trading platforms, which face a large number of visitors and dynamic turnover on a daily basis. 64GB memory will ensure fast and high-quality loading of web pages.
  • Various thematic communities and social networks. The affordable 64GB RAM dedicated hosting price allows using this service to launch social networking platforms, forums, and any other resources intended for exchanging text, video, and photo content among users.
  • Large-scale corporate websites and similar applications. Using such an option will guarantee the security and confidentiality of information and simplify the processing of large data sets.
  • Web applications specifically structured for online gaming. Modern online games, involving a multiplayer format, operate more efficiently and stably with the support of a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM.


Cheap dedicated server hosting with 64Gb RAM: recommended OS types

The 64GB RAM dedicated hosting price offered by AlexHost is quite reasonable and democratic. Another reason why this option consistently experiences high demand is the ability to install a variety of operating systems (OS). Most often, this type of dedicated server allows for the installation of Windows Server (including all known versions of the product) and Linux (including all its distributions – Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu).

Moreover, when working with such a dedicated server, you can freely install FreeBSD. This is an OS from Unix, characterized by open-source code and stability. It is often chosen as the primary OS when installing on dedicated servers for subsequent hosting of applications and websites.

Additionally, your choice may also extend to VMware ESXi. A server with 64GB of RAM is often used as a reliable host for the subsequent installation of VMware ESXi (for creating virtual machines and running almost any type of OS).

It’s also important not to forget that such a type of dedicated server with a large amount of RAM allows you to comfortably and quickly install other, less popular but still reliable and time-tested OS, such as Solaris, NetBSD, or OpenBSD. When choosing a specific solution, it is important to take into account the requirements of the web project and the individual preferences of the administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What security measures are taken to protect data on a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM?
Ensuring the security of a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM is a complex and multi-layered process that requires constant attention and systematic actions. One of the key aspects is regular software updates. This includes not only the operating system but also all server components such as web servers, databases, and applications. Updates are necessary to patch vulnerabilities discovered during software development and to implement new features and security enhancements.
What are the benefits of using a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM for business?
The advantages of 64GB RAM dedicated server hosting encompass a wide range of key positive aspects that make it an attractive choice for many enterprises and organizations. High performance is one of the main benefits of a dedicated server with 64GB of memory. Additionally, this service is characterized by flexible configuration options, security, and reliability.
What technical specifications are included in the plan for a dedicated server with 64GB of RAM?
Cheap dedicated server hosting with 64GB of RAM can entail various technical parameters and specifications. When turning to AlexHost, you can choose any characteristics of server hardware (such as storage type, processor performance, network connection nuances, and the level of technical support).

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