Colocation in Moldova

Name of serviceTrafficPSU WattsBandwidth   PeriodPrice 
RACK Unit(s)
Colocation 1U
TrafficPSU Watts 350 WBandwidth 1 Gbps Shared Port   Period 77€ Order Now
vps features 1
2 substations (independent)
vps features 1
Anti-DDoS protection
vps features 1
24-27 degrees Celsius
  • Our colocation in Moldova service is safe, flexible, efficient and resilient. Safeguard your equipment in a secure environment.
  • All server colocations are set in a tech savvy, secure data center equipped with cooling and fire detection sensors, round the clock video surveillance.
  • We offer flexible colocation solutions for medium-large sized business.

Cost of additional services

Name of service

Service price

Additional IP1€ (monthly)
Reinstalling the operating systemfree (one-time)
Replacing hardware on a server hosted by colocationfree (one-time)
Server administration20€ (hourly)
Additional socket (subject to availability)free (monthly)
Add. power supply 100W (subject to availability)8€ (monthly)
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  • Your server hardware will be located in our own data center in Chisinau. Uninterrupted power supply ensures a completely autonomous operation of our Data Center, and additionally affects the quality of power supply to your servers.
  • AlexHost is ready to place your servers in standard 19 ”rack racks, to connect to an electrical source and to the Internet.
  • If your equipment is geographically not located in the city of Chisinau, it is delivered through the transport service and our specialists install it in the data center on their own.

Benefits of Colocation from AlexHost

SSD Disk Drives

Data center is powered by 2 independent substations. Switching between inputs is provided by personal ATS. The total feeder capacity is 1.6 Megawatts. Power continuity is provided by UPS's and personal SDMO diesel generator.

SSD Disk Drives

Two independent inputs from two companies: 10 Gbps /s each. At the moment, the total channel width is 20 Gbit/s. The channels are constantly expanding, under the necessities and/or needs of our major Customers.

SSD Disk Drives

Each cable has been lovingly crimped and thoroughly verified for efficiency. The network is based solely on the cables of 6th category. Routing within the network is provided by Cisco.

SSD Disk Drives

Constant temperature in the data-center is maintained within 24-27 degrees Celsius. Cooling is reserved under N + 1 scheme. The average annual is PUE 1.2.

SSD Disk Drives

Data-center is being guarded by 2 independent security agencies. The whole area preceding data-center has installed surveillance cameras and security guards throughout the perimeter.

SSD Disk Drives

Anti-DDos attacks up to 1 TeraBits per second security measures: Protection provided by Voxility. Direct optical channel to Romania to Voxility data-center is provided by our partners.

Colocation service in Moldova 

Colocation Server Hosting involves a service that facilitates the client equipment’s placement in a specialized data center (briefly, DC) managed by a specific hosting provider, in this case, AlexHost.

The Colocation Data Center in Moldova is a facility that meets standard criteria for all data centers. It is staffed by specially trained personnel managing emergency power sources (autonomous), modern ventilation systems with cold and hot aisles, video surveillance, DC infrastructure, client equipment, and high-speed communication channels with reservation options.

Colocating user servers in a data center ensures 24/7 stability of their operation and allows individually customize the parameters.


What is the server Colocations service in Moldova?

Colocation, also known as “colocation hosting,” is a modern IT service that proposes place rental in a data center with the purpose of housing specialized IT equipment, primarily servers. Colocation specialists place the colocation server in a dedicated server rack (it may be owned by the client or rented). Each user can temporarily occupy one or multiple server rooms, depending on the conditions specified in the rental agreement. Essentially, colocation servers involve outsourcing IT equipment.

For whom is the option of Colocation equipment placement in Moldova recommended? This service is relevant for users who already possess server hardware and wish to host a large-scale web project on its infrastructure. It is also worth considering colocation hosting for clients who lack the capabilities to provide suitable conditions for traditional equipment placement within their office premises.


Placing Colocation server at AlexHost

Colocation server hosting is a service that you can order at an optimal price from the AlexHost hosting provider. What should you consider before placing an order? First, it’s important to understand that Colocation traditionally refers to a server with one unit of space. When ordering Colocation services, it is essential to take into account that the dimensions of the server equipment should adhere to commonly accepted standards (19 inches in width and a height value that is a multiple of one unit). This detail is crucial to ensure that the data center engineers can seamlessly install it in a rack or server cabinet.

Just before placing the equipment in the chosen data center (in this case, with AlexHost), specialists will conduct an expert examination to ensure compliance with established standards. Key factors include:

  • Electrical safety.
  • Power consumption.

Colocation server hosting involves the preliminary selection of a suitable communication channel to guarantee the digital project’s stable and efficient operation.

The decision to outsource equipment to the AlexHost data center should be based on a range of associated factors, including the cost of the service, reliability indicators, and a guaranteed level of security. As the managing company, you must identify the most acceptable and suitable combination of these parameters. To determine this, it is necessary to assess the criticality of failures and downtime specifically for your company. If your project relies heavily on the functionality and stability of IT equipment, even seconds of downtime can be critical.


Advantages of colocation service in Moldova

When choosing the Colocation server service at AlexHost, in addition to standard rack units and access to data center resources, clients will benefit from several accompanying advantages:

  • Significant cost savings for the company’s IT segment.
  • Fault tolerance.
  • High level of security.
  • Ease of infrastructure scalability.
  • 24/7 customer technical support.
  • Flexible customization of parameters.
  • Optimal equipment configurations.
  • Affordable Colocation service cost.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the Colocation service’s advantages. This service is extremely beneficial, especially when renting multiple rack units. Operating a server room with your own resources is much more expensive as it requires significant resources and equipment procurement.

The fault tolerance of systems is equally important. This parameter serves as the foundation for any enterprise’s stable and successful operation. In turn, the IT infrastructure plays a crucial role as one of the company’s basic segments. By placing equipment in a dedicated facility, it is possible to guarantee its uninterrupted operation through the reservation of communication channels, maintenance of optimal climatic conditions, and uninterrupted power supply.

Colocation servers are synonymous with complete security. In essence, this is one of the most important responsibilities of any data center, including AlexHost. By entrusting the equipment for hosting, the hosting provider automatically assumes responsibility for its comprehensive security. The AlexHost data center is equipped with innovative video surveillance systems, climate control, territory protection, and access control to the equipment room.

Colocation hosting is an ideal solution for organizations aiming to avoid the complex and resource-intensive process of creating and maintaining private server rooms. The Colocation service from AlexHost guarantees prompt connection of the client’s server to the data center’s channels and resources.

Almost all modern data centers, including AlexHost, continuously monitor the quality and parameters of the installed equipment. A team of skilled engineers provides comprehensive technical support, enabling the rapid and efficient resolution of any issues.

The flexibility of the service entails a wide range of diverse offerings, allowing for easy selection of a unique infrastructure that fully meets the dictated requirements and fits within the company’s budget.

Colocation involves placing your own equipment in a secure space monitored by the hosting provider. Therefore, you can individually configure its specifications, required software, and associated parameters. This approach allows for personalized equipment customization, simplifying administration and reducing maintenance costs.

The cost of connecting to secure communication channels and purchasing traffic is highly affordable when ordered from AlexHost. It’s worth noting that the price of traffic in a data center is significantly lower compared to service rates offered by providers in office centers.


How are monitoring and support implemented in Colocation server service in Moldova?

In the realm of colocation server services, AlexHost sets the standard by offering not only state-of-the-art facilities but also a comprehensive suite of technical and software tools for monitoring and support. Here are the key options that have proven to be the best in ensuring the continuous operation and optimal performance of client servers:

  • Monitoring of Services. Network availability is paramount, and AlexHost excels in regularly monitoring the network connection, ensuring stable online operations for all servers. The service includes the provision of uninterruptible power through generators to guarantee continuous power, further solidifying the reliability of the infrastructure.
  • Technical Monitoring. The colocation server service incorporates meticulous monitoring of physical equipment, including network devices, power supply and cooling systems, and servers. Parameters such as processor load, temperature, network traffic, memory, and disk allocation are also under constant surveillance to identify and address potential issues proactively.
  • Remote Control. Users benefit from remote control capabilities, utilizing KVM-over-IP for seamless control of servers in the data center. The Remote Hands option allows users to delegate tasks such as equipment replacement or server reboots to the AlexHost team, enhancing efficiency and minimizing downtime.
  • 24/7 Technical Support. The AlexHost team provides round-the-clock assistance and guidance, ensuring that any customer requests are promptly addressed. This encompasses an effective ticket system for urgent tasks and streamlined communication with technical support, establishing a responsive and client-centric support framework.
  • Customer Notification Systems. To maintain transparency and keep clients informed, the colocation server service includes notification systems that promptly alert customers about any technical problems. This proactive approach enables users to stay abreast of the status of their servers and infrastructure.

Effective monitoring and support are pivotal in the colocation server service, as they play a crucial role in ensuring the continuous operation of equipment and maximizing the performance of client servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of equipment (rack) is in your data center?
We have standard cabinets 19 inches wide and at least 100 cm deep. Each rack has two independent power inputs and an automatic transfer switch (ATS). We connect servers with 2 power supplies to different inputs without using ATS. All server cabinets are equipped with doors with locks and are under 24-hour video surveillance.
Please, tell me if you have any discounts on colocation?
Our system of discounts is valid for placing a large amount of equipment.
Can I customize the colocation service to my requirements?
Of course, our services can be customized to suit any business requirement.