VPS Server with cPanel

vps features 1
Dedicated IP
vps features 2
Full Root Access
vps features 3
NVMe Disk Drives
vps features 4
100 Mb/s Network
vps features 5
IPv6 Support
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Unmanaged VPS

Processor PROMO
 1 Core
RAM 1536MBDiscs 10GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 4€ 0% 4€ Order Now
Processor PROMO
2 Cores
RAM 4096 MBDiscs 40 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 10€ 0% 10€ Order Now
Processor PROMO
4 Cores
RAM 8192MBDiscs 80 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 16€ 0% 16€ Order Now

Managed VPS VIP

Processor 1 CoresRAM 1024 MBDiscs 10GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 10€ Order Now
Processor 1 CoreRAM 1024 MBDiscs 25GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 20€ Order Now
Processor 2 CoresRAM 2048 MBDiscs 40 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 30€ Order Now
Processor 4 CoresRAM 4096 MBDiscs 60 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 40€ Order Now
Processor 6 CoresRAM 6144 MBDiscs 100 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 55€ Order Now
Processor 8 CoresRAM 8192 MBDiscs 150 GB NVMePort 100 MBpsIP 1 IPv4Virtualization KVMTrafficPeriod 0% 70€ Order Now

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed & stability

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  • 5 Mysql Databases
  • 1GB SSD Disk
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
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  • 1536MB RAM
  • 1 Core
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
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  • 8192MB RAM
  • 4 Cores
  • 80 GB SSD Storage
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection
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  • CPU Intel Core i7 DDR3
  • Minimal RAM - 4GB DDR3
  • Free Anti DDoS Protection

VPS Server with cPanel

CPanel VPS

CPanel VPS stands as a virtual private server that comes pre-equipped with CPanel (a customized control panel). This integrated solution suggests users a great deal of opportunities to enhance the efficiency of managing personal web hosting resources and websites. Achieved through the user-friendly and effortlessly operable CPanel interface, the management and configuration processes become intuitive. Furthermore, the VPS establishes a self-contained virtual environment, wherein the server resources are distributed among diverse users. This arrangement yields a heightened degree of control, adaptability, and performance compared to the traditional web hosting approach.

At AlexHost, a dependable CPanel VPS is offered at an affordable rate. This alternative can be easily acquired through the hosting provider’s website. Orders can also be conveniently placed via phone, the chat interface on the website, or email.


What is CPanel VPS hosting?

CPanel VPS represents a distinctive evolution within contemporary web hosting, where a private virtual server (VPS) is seamlessly integrated with the cutting-edge CPanel control panel. This innovative configuration delivers an elevated level of control, a robust assortment of resources, and exceptional flexibility, particularly when juxtaposed with traditional web hosting plans.

CPanel VPS hosting ranks among the most sought-after and renowned control panels for web hosting solutions. CPanel boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, empowering users to effortlessly manage a spectrum of hosting account options, including domain configurations, databases, files, and emails. Consequently, you can acquire a value-driven CPanel VPS through AlexHost, affording you the means to:

  • Configure domains, databases, files, and emails.
  • Facilitate installations of diverse platforms and software.

What’s noteworthy is that a VPS server equipped with CPanel doesn’t necessitate an extensive grasp of server administration. Thus, the CPanel-integrated VPS harmoniously combines the comprehensive advantages of private servers with the convenience and user-friendliness of the CPanel panel. As a result, this solution emerges as an optimal choice for those in search of a robust, reliable, and user-friendly hosting solution for their individual digital projects.


VPS server with CPanel advantages

CPanel VPS hosting offers a range of compelling benefits that revolve around its functionalities, empowering you to proficiently manage diverse websites. Here are some standout advantages:

  • Resource isolation. VPS server with CPanel delivers a spectrum of resources encompassing CPU time, disk space, and allocated RAM. Consequently, your VPS ensures steady and swift operation, even when subjected to demanding workloads.
  • Enhanced security. CPanel VPS hosting bolsters data security and application access by housing them within a dedicated isolated environment. This approach significantly mitigates potential security risks stemming from external threats.
  • Economic gains and strategic investment. Opting for VPS CPanel hosting through AlexHost assures cost-effective solutions and astute investments for any web project, securing the best pricing options.
  • Comprehensive control. With a VPS server equipped with CPanel, you attain administrative privileges over your individual VPS. This grants you the ability to swiftly install and configure diverse software types. Furthermore, you gain access to server configuration management, administrative tasks, and the option to integrate supplementary services.
  • Scalability. CPanel VPS affords you seamless scalability of resources, aligning with the growth trajectory of your digital endeavor.
  • User-friendly management. CPanel provides an easily navigable and well-structured interface, facilitating adept control over website operations and server management. This accessibility holds true even in the absence of specialized programming skills.


VPS server with cPanel: security guarantee

AlexHost specialists are committed to providing clients with a 100% secure environment for VPS server with cPanel operating. To achieve this level of security, our team of engineers and IT experts implements a comprehensive set of measures, including:

  • Regular Software Monitoring and Updates. We emphasize the importance of keeping all server components up to date. This includes the operating system, databases, additional software, web servers, and cPanel. We ensure that all software versions are regularly updated to patch vulnerabilities and enhance security.
  • Server Sector Scanning. We conduct server sectors’ scanning to detect any illegal or unauthorized connections and activities on ports, ensuring the early identification of potential security threats.
  • Complex Passwords and Multiple Authentication. We advocate for the use of complex, strong passwords while also encouraging the implementation of multiple authentication methods. This combination provides a high level of server security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Firewalls and Network Security. We configure robust firewalls and network security settings to control and restrict traffic, fortifying the server against potential intrusions.
  • Security Monitoring. Our systems are equipped to track and alert us to any suspicious activities on the server, such as failed login attempts or potential attacks, allowing for immediate action.
  • Access Rules. Our experts recommend leveraging the full capabilities of a VPS server with cPanel to manage access rights for individual users. Additionally, we help set resource consumption limits and control access to specific server functions.
  • SSL Encryption. We utilize SSL encryption to safeguard data transferred between clients and the server, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.
  • Web Application and Script Updates. Frequent updates and periodic vulnerability scans of web applications and scripts are essential. This proactive approach helps to identify and mitigate security weaknesses promptly.

These measures all together strengthen the security of your VPS server with cPanel, creating a robust shield against potential threats. However, we also emphasize the importance of ongoing vigilance. Regularly monitoring for new threats and staying up to date with security updates is crucial to maintaining the server’s reliability and security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the VPS server’s with CPanel traits?
If you're considering purchasing a CPanel VPS with AlexHost’s support, it's essential to acquaint yourself with the technical attributes of a VPS server integrated with this type of control panel. This solution empowers you with comprehensive administrative access to the server, enabling to configure the operating system, install requisite software, and execute an array of administrative tasks. Moreover, this choice provides you an entirely segregated environment fortified with guaranteed resources such as RAM, CPU time, and disk space.
This specific control panel boasts an enhanced interface tailored for swift and hassle-free management of both the VPS and web resources. At the same time, VPS CPanel extends a heightened level of security by incorporating an array of protective measures. These encompass tools to thwart DDoS attacks and facilitate firewall configurations, further solidifying the shield of security surrounding your virtual environment.
What is the difference between standard web-hosting and VPS with CPanel?
CPanel VPS hosting surpasses traditional web hosting in terms of functionality, reliability, and security. For instance, the integration of VPS with CPanel offers distinct and dedicated resources, with each VPS functioning within its private virtual environment. This configuration ensures comprehensive administrative access, thereby ensuring flexibility in server management and control. When compared to standard web hosting, a CPanel-equipped VPS guarantees an elevated security level. Additionally, the security threats faced by one VPS have no possibility to affect neighboring VPS instances.
What functions and possibilities are offered by CPanel for mу server’s and web-sites’ management?          
Engaging with CPanel opens the door to an array of features and technical capabilities. These encompass domain and subdomain control, email configuration, oversight of DNS records, files’ management (including file and folder uploads to the server), effortless data formation and moderation, installation of diverse software versions, monitoring resource utilization statistics (such as memory and processor time), and security tools’ administration (firewalls, filters, and SSL certificates).

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