Mega discounts from Alexhost Promotions 2022. August to September

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Promotions 2022. August to September. Mega discounts from Alexhost

If you are only thinking about buying hosting, then the end of summer is the best time to save on buying hosting or renting a server. And if you want to extend your services – then do it in the last week of summer and get an additional discount.

The last week of summer is one of the few periods of the year when we give such big discounts on hosting and virtual servers. But that’s not all, because only this last week of summer we give discounts for the renewal of existing services.

So, what discounts do we offer on AlexHost in 2022 in August-September?

From August 30 to September 31, order website hosting for any period with a discount from 11% to 33%. The promotional code for receiving a discount is located in this news below.

We also hasten to inform you about our expansion! During this year, the network of our AlexHost company will be soon with 2 new countries.

New quality servers will be soon available in the UK and the Netherlands. In the UK, we started this spring as a sister project (Netherlands and UK is not available currently, but very soon):! And servers in the Netherlands will be available soon directly from this fall! Very soon our geography includes a new page in our history: the Netherlands. With which we congratulate all our customers: both old and new.

And of course there are gifts for everyone!

We give our customers an 11% discount on all VPS tariffs on 31.09.2022.

Promo code: vps11%


For MANAGED VPS servers – a mega discount of 33%!!!

Discount code: vpsmanaged33%


LiteSpeed ​​hosting with 22% discount!

Discount Code: litespeed22%

Use it and expect new good news from us. After all, autumn and new plans are ahead, and we will definitely please you with pleasant surprises!
*Netherlands and UK locations will be soon available, we are working on it