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Friends, the AlexHost.Com team has been frequently asked about backup solutions lately, so we decided to explain what backup is, why it is essential, and describe our company’s backup policy.

  • What is backup?
  • Why is backup necessary?
  • How to perform a backup?
  • How often are backups performed?
  • How much does the backup service cost?

What is a website backup?

It involves the process of saving copies of databases, website files, email data, FTP accounts, and other hosting parameters. In simple terms, we make a complete copy of the website and its settings in a separate storage, allowing us to restore the site to a previous version if necessary. These data are also copied to a separate (additional) server, which is essential in case of any issues with the main server hosting the site.

Why is website backup necessary?

Having a backup allows you to easily restore your website using the control panel or by reaching out to the hosting provider’s support team. Instead of spending time rebuilding parts of your content, you can focus on improving your site’s security.

Before choosing a hosting provider, it is essential to check if they offer data backup services, how often they perform backups, and how long the backup copies are stored. This aspect significantly reduces the risk of data loss.

How to perform a website backup?

The main task is to preserve the website files and the database located on the server. There are several ways to perform a website backup. Today, we will describe the process approved by AlexHost.Com‘s policy: all available backup copies are made by the AlexHost.Com team of specialists. However, we cannot guarantee the ability to restore from every backup. Therefore, we recommend that clients also take care of their own backup copies of data to safeguard themselves against information loss.

We do everything possible to ensure the reliability and security of our services, including the backup policy, so that our clients can enjoy stability and confidence in their service operations.

During the backup process, an exact copy of the client’s files is taken from the existing ones. The provider is not responsible for the state of the client’s files at the time of backup.

The provider is not liable for the state of the backup copy of the service.

Backup for suspended services (not described in this policy) is not performed.

How often are backups performed?

The hosting services provided by AlexHost SRL include regular backups to ensure the security of clients’ data. Below is information about the backup policy depending on the type of service:


  • Backups are performed daily.
  • Restoration is available through the support service and backup if necessary.


  • Backups are performed daily.
  • Restoration is available through the support service and backup if necessary.


  • Backups are performed once a week.
  • Clients can request backups from the support service at their convenience.


  • Backup is not performed on dedicated servers.
  • Clients administering their services must independently create and store their backups.

How much does the backup service cost?

Providing backups is a free service, but the possibility of providing a free backup may only be considered during the active period of service usage.

In case a client requests the restoration of the last backup at the time of service suspension or removal due to non-payment, the provider may require the client to pay a compensation fee (amounting to 20 euros) for the technical support’s work on locating and restoring the backup – this may only apply when restoring and activating subsequent service.

In case of violations of the acceptable usage policy (https://alexhost.com/acceptable-usage-policy/), backup restoration is not possible!


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