Wise – New payment method available

📒 Data centre news

Alexhost is happy to announce a new payment method called “Wise” with Wise available for you, if you use it you will be soon available to use it in Alexhost services.

We decided to join Wise due to make new availability of payment methods around the world, Wise is growing and this is a good start for those who wants more Payment methods available.

The advantages of Wise payment method is they are covering all world, this mean the probability of Wise being on your country is higher than some of other options.

Paypal is a good option, but sometime can be a headache. For this reason and for Customers and Clients we needed to give another method of payment, we are facing global issues with Money transfer due to Sanctions. We understand some of them, but Alexhost can’t put everything in the same egg, this can affect anyone around the world even people that doesn’t deserve it. Alexhost always respect clientes and customers Freedom of Speech, but we have no choice to implemente new payment methods.

Other methods of payment will still available, until any announcement, we hope you like it. Wise is coming to Alexhost, if you want to use it. You will be able to do it.

If you have any problema or issue with Wise Payment or any other payment method, contact us through ticket support:

All payment methods will remain the same, Wise is another one that is joining, just that.
Alexhost wants to express something for you: we stay United with the world and peace, we deserve you the best peace and we want peace, health and prosperation. Stay Safe and please take care of yourself.

Thank you.
Alexhost Staff