Why host your website or local company in a Hosting in Moldova?

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Did you know that Hosting Moldova is the best solution for your website and customers? Host your websites with a Hosting in Moldova (Chisinau) with full data privacy and support ticket, phone in Moldova, we also offer server colocation in moldova and other hosting services in Moldova.

Do you have a personal company or personal organization or even a corporate company in Moldova? Do you know why you should use a Hosting Moldova Provider in Chisinau city of Moldova rather in other countries? In this blog we will show you the reasons why you should host your website, forum or blog in your country in Moldova. 

Moldova offers Privacy and Full Data Privacy 

In Moldova country your Data is protected by law and provides a higher level of protection against people who doesn’t want you to have privacy, Moldova by default inquires both states for private institution or public regarding your personal data and protection of it. This is one of reasons why you should host your website in Moldova for your customers and clients. Moldova is a great location for such things and also Moldova is very tolerant with some kind of websites, which sometimes is not allowed in some countries where freedom of speech and privacy doesn’t exist. 

I have a office, company or business in Moldova should I host my website in Moldova?  

The answer is Yes. Do you manage any business, company or organization? This maybe other reason to stay with us, Alexhost provides and guarantees a good speed and loading of your website in Moldova with lower ping and fast connection to your local business, that is why you should rely in Moldova Hosting Services like Alexhost. If you use other hosting service your website probably won’t load so fast like in Moldova. When your server is closed to you, more it provides faster speed and lower ping / latency of network to your clients, which certainly impacts your SEO and SERP Rankings in Google. 


Which is our recommendation? If you have a local business, office or company offline or online both, you should stay and rely in Moldova Hosting Services. If you aren’t sure which plan you should use, please contact us and we will help you, Alexhost is available to host your website in Moldova (Chisinau) 

Support in Romanian, Russian and English for your local business in Moldova. 

Alexhost is highly committed to provide the best services and quality to our clients and customers not only in other countries, but also in Moldova. We have our own Datacenter where your data privacy and your servers are fully controlled by us. This mean, Alexhost owns the Network, Hardware for your projects! Your projects will remain with us. Anything that happen, we provide support for you in three main languages like Romanian, Russian and English. We do have also phone number where you can contact us. Also we have many options for your local business and we offer custom solutions for you.  

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Did you got interested? Alexhost is available to provide the best web hosting in moldova, vps, dedicated servers and Server Colocation in Moldova (Chisinau) 


Custom Hosting solutions for hosting website in Moldova 

Are you worried about Custom Solutions like Hardware? Do you have a big website or traffic? We can make a custom solution for you, based in your requirements like Hardware and Network. The can provide the right solutions for your websites, projects and customers and also a great support in Moldova where you can contact us, if you need anything. Alexhost have custom hosting services located in Moldova and provides any service for your business, company that guarantees reliability, quality and ensures solutions for individuals or organizations. Dedicated servers in Moldova is also a good choice for high storage requirements in Moldova.


Improve your SEO and SERP Ranking in Google Search in Moldova with Hosting your website in Moldova! 

Do you know that Google checks for pagespeed and your website location server, if you provide higher pings / latency to your customers in Moldova, you can being lose SEO or SERP in Google! Why? Because if you choose a Moldova Hosting Provider like Alexhost you guarantee the best speeds for any Moldova citizen, office, business or local company. Your customers will enjoy of fast loading in Moldova and you can even be better in Search Engine Results of Moldova! This is not a marketing trick. Who says that is Google! If the server is closed to your customers base or clients the more Google will give more better rankings to your website. Guess what could happen? Increasing your customers base and earning more!  


Why waiting for that? Contact Alexhost and we will provide the best solution for your project, local business in Moldova, Alexhost currently have many happy customers and websites hosted in Moldova in Alexhost network. We do provide the best things. Don’t wait for that for too long. We are here and we are available to work with you! 


DDoS Protection for your websites and Servers Colocation in Moldova (Chisinau) 

Alexhost offers a wide range of services including Anti-DDoS Protection for your projects, business and local office! We can announce IPs in our network and also Anti-DDoS Protection is always available to prevent any attack from your competitors or anything that are threaten your business earnings. We are sure that we can meet your requirements with our Support time available for you in Moldova (Chisinau). 



This is all from Alexhost, if you are interested in our Services you can contact us. We do provide many services in Moldova like Server Colocation in Moldova, Dedicated Servers in Moldova, VPS in Moldova, Web hosting in Moldova (Chisinau) with assures you that every single service will be online for your needs. Alexhost also can have and do custom hardware to you like (Dell, AMD Ryzen, Intel, AMD EPYC) also we provide VPN services for your business or office!  


We will be here and we will assist you to have the best solutions! Alexhost analyses case by case. You should also provide futher details to Alexhost team see which solution suits better for you, don’t stay in cheap services just because is cheap, investing in your business, local office and your clients and of course your website of your company is a must!  


You don’t know where to start? Alexhost can help you!  

Please Contact us through livechat 8:00 until 19:00 in Moldova or you Open a Ticket Support with us, don’t forget to provide the best details and what you are looking for. If possible provide how many traffic you have, your budget or requirements. Alexhost will check and will give the properly solution for you, if you aren’t satisfied we certainly will find other solutions for you case. 


Have a nice day!