AlexHost: After a powerful DDoS attack, we once again proved the reliability of our service

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AlexHost is one of the largest hosting providers located in the Republic of Moldova.

The company began its rapid development in 2008 and occupied a leading position in Moldova and many other countries. The data center offers flexible terms for providing the capacity of its servers for a variety of needs: launching online projects, hosting websites, running educational projects, financial purposes, gaming services, and many other tasks. AlexHost’s regular customers are citizens of many countries, which include the EU and the USA.

One of the most critical issues that worry customers of a data center is the reliability of the service they order. Even if some of AlexHost’s clients had some doubts, now they can have a piece of mind. The reason is that not long ago, the center survived one of the most powerful DDoS attacks in history. Not only the company but the entire country and managed to control the situation with practically no losses.

The most powerful DDoS attack in the history of Moldova

Cybersecurity in our digitalized world is becoming vital for many companies and people. It is enough to say that the downtime of a business website for several hours can lead to a massive loss and hopelessly vanish from the competition. With that said, choosing a reliable data center is the number one challenge for online businesses of all sizes.

Most recently, AlexHost experienced an unusual DDoS attack. Here are some background data on the incident:

  • the attack power was approximately 900 GB per second with a primary data center protection level of 500 GB;
  • the observers named the attack as one of the most powerful that ever happened in the Republic of Moldova;
  • the attack carried out simultaneously on all subnets, which significantly reduced the ability to restore the center’s performance quickly;

Immediately after the attack, one provider refused to work with AlexHost, complicating restoring the center’s operation.

Here are the results: 

We recognized the attack as one of the most powerful in recent Moldovan history; therefore, it took some time to remove the consequences. Many services served in the AlexHost data center temporarily suffered: users witnessed slowdown of their websites, services, difficulties in authorization, some reported a complete “fall” of their network infrastructure for a short time. However, the AlexHost specialists did everything possible and impossible to fully restore the entire system’s operation in the shortest possible time.

An attack on all subnets of 900 GB per second is a severe blow, which a solid network of criminals could only carry out. However, despite this, the AlexHost data center has once again proved its trustworthiness. Following the results of the incident, we came up with the following results:

the center works perfectly, and even the most potent attacks are not able to interfere with its functionality;

the company’s experts immediately responded to the incident and ensured the smooth operation of services dependent on AlexHost;

The services after the incident have become even more powerful, and they boldly look forward to the future! Such a complicated story happened with one of the largest data centers in our country. Moreover, instead of breaking down and giving up, the AlexHost team got out of the test with dignity and came out stronger than ever!