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hosting free kassa payment method
The added new payment method Free-Kassa!

Do you want to buy Web Hosting with Free-Kasssa payment method? Alexhost now accepts Free-Kassa payment for Hosting and other related services from Russia without sanctions.

Alexhost is committed to satisfy customers, now we added a new payment method called “Free-Kassa” which accepts payment from Russia. Alexhost is neutral regarding the war.
Since some customers wants to pay from Russia, we now accept it more easily. Alexhost stays and remains neutral regarding any situation of War.

Alexhost now accepts Free-Kassa payments method in our Web Hosting Services and many other things!

Now if you are Russian or not, living in Russia you can pay with us more easily and comfortably with our new payment method Free-Kassa.

Please if you have any more question, let us know so we can answer your questions regarding payment. You can open a support ticket.

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