BLACK FRIDAY Discounts for LiteSpeed, VPS and Dedicated Servers

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Hello, Dear Customers!

We received a lot of questions about Discounts Available for BlackFriday, Alexhost currently have two discounts one of 55% OFF Discount for All VPS and Dedicated Servers (Intel Core i9 DDR4 9th and 10th gen) and 25% OFF for LiteSpeed Hosting

This DISCOUNT is limited until the end of the month (November 2021)

Discount Code for all VPS and Dedicated Servers
55% OFF Discount Code: BF21
**Discount code BF21 only can be applied in products / services that doesn’t have any discount yet applied!

Check our VPS and use the discount code 55% OFF: BF21

Check our Dedicated Servers Intel Core i9 DDR4 9th and 10th gen

Discount Code 25% OFF for LiteSpeed Hosting (cPanel Included for free)

Use the discount code: BF21-litespeed

This discount ends in the end of month (november), limited time available and usage!

Alexhost wish a best black friday week for everyone.

Thank you,