? AlexHost Hosting Provider Sponsored a Race through Chisinau ?

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AlexHost, one of the top hosting providers in Europe, sponsored a drag racing event in the Moldavian capital of Chisinau. The race happened on July 24th and attracted 40 professional racing teams, each with their own sponsor. AlexHost was among the companies that organized the whole event. They also took part in the race with a black BMW 5 series under number ‘1’.

The company is one of the most successful hosting providers in Europe. They offer a variety of solutions to run your websites on physical and web-based servers. This July, they decided to sponsor the most anticipated racing event in their home country Moldova.

Drag races of this sort take drivers on a 400-meter drive. The participants compete against time in a tight competition, but it was ultimately an exhibition race – a type that wasn’t hosted on this scale in Chisinau for several years. The show included a lot of well-known racers in the region.

It was a massive event on the streets of the capital. The most powerful car was driven by Igor Vrabie, a famous local driver who frequents such drag racing shows. The vehicle he drove turned out to be a Nissan Skyline R32, with 1500 horsepower and many other awesome numbers under its hood.

As Igor says, “It can be hard to control your car on a track like this. To control a sports car, you need to spend a lot of time with it”. Drag races typically take place on 0-shaped tracks. For this show, they picked one of the roads in the metropolitan area.

The show is supposed to repeat next year, but there’s no telling what cars or brands are going to be involved during the event. Suffice it to say, this Chisinau drag race has been one of the brightest days of July in the city.