Positive SSL EV Multi Domain

1 Year €333 EUR

Positive SSL EV Multi Domain is one of the non-standard certificates in contemporary IT security market. Utilizing such a digital document, you can take full advantage of classical encryption and implement a green address bar that will be relevant on 250 domains simultaneously. The presence of such a solution simplifies the control of any project security level greatly, encrypts information flows with high quality and protects them from third-party access. Positive SSL EV Multi Domain for the site belongs to the EV domains’ category, therefore, the conversion and visitors’ trust to your site will persistently grow. The cost of Positive SSL EV Multi Domain is considered the most affordable in comparison with all other similar products for maintaining the web environment security. You may purchase such a document inexpensively at AlexHost.

Certificate namePositive SSL EV Multi Domain
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberUp to 250 domains
Documents’ verification needYes

Positive SSL EV Multi Domain mission

Positive SSL EV Multi Domain for a site requires mandatory extended verification (EV format) and requires the enterprise to provide a full documentation package, including business registration and the right to a specific domain. The purchase of Positive SSL EV Multi Domain ensures the impeccable quality of data encryption (256-bit) and their safety (access is possible strictly with a unique 2048-bit signing key). The product comes with two additional SANs capable of spanning 3 domains. It is possible to connect the certificate to a larger number of domains (up to 250) with an additional payment.

Positive SSL EV Multi Domain advantages for a website

It is profitable to acquire Positive SSL EV Multi Domain for a website at an affordable price tag from AlexHost specialists. By purchasing this document, you get:

This type of SSL solution purchase, implemented with AlexHost support, guarantees a high level of compatibility with browsers and mobile gadgets (up to 99.9%). The implementation of this certificate allows you to reduce the administrative burden and significantly increase the security level.

1 Year €333 EUR