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AlexHost is a leading hosting provider that has been successfully operating in Moldova for many years. Our commitment to providing customers with high quality service and support has earned us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Now, after successfully operating in Moldova, AlexHost is expanding its presence in Europe in order to maximize the range of services for its customers. With pride and joy, we excitedly announce to all of you our latest milestone – the inauguration of a new operational hub in Bulgaria! This strategic move is aimed at expanding the capabilities available to the company’s clients, ensuring an even higher level of performance, reliability, and stability for virtual servers.

Key features of virtual servers in Bulgaria



More about 1 Gbps Port Speed

One important aspect of this innovative offering for our new virtual servers (VPS) in Bulgaria is worth noting. Now each client who chooses the new tariff will receive a dedicated speed of 1 Gbps with a generous limit of up to 99 TB of traffic. This will provide users with fast and stable access to data, supporting even the most demanding projects.

A special advantage of the new tariff is the guarantee. In case of exceeding the traffic limit, clients automatically switch to a speed of 300 Mbps with unlimited traffic. Thus, AlexHost ensures continuous operation of projects even in the event of unexpected increases in resource usage, providing stability and reliability to our clients.

VPS tariff plans from AlexHost include not only high data transfer speeds, but also flexible settings and extensive resources. Each client can choose the optimal tariff according to the needs of their project, ranging from small websites to large enterprise applications.

VPS are becoming an increasingly popular choice for hosting websites, applications and other online resources. Recently, many entrepreneurs have been paying attention to the possibility of purchasing VPS in Bulgaria, and this is no coincidence. We provide you with 5 main reasons to purchase a VPS in Bulgaria.

Advantage of geographical location

Bulgaria has a strategically important geographical location in the center of South-Eastern Europe. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to provide quick access to their online resources for both users in Europe and those located outside of it. Short network paths to Europe and Asia provide fast access to your website or application.

Reliability and quality of connection

Bulgaria is developing its infrastructure rapidly, and this also includes technical infrastructure, including communication networks and data centers. This means you can expect high reliability and connection quality for your VPS. Bulgaria has reliable Internet providers and modern data centers, which guarantees the stable operation of your virtual server.

Competitive prices

AlexHost always strives to provide great prices! Moreover, according to the established tradition of VPS in Europe, AlexHost offers 1 Gbps port speed in Bulgaria. This may be especially attractive to small and medium-sized businesses that want to save on costs without sacrificing quality of service.

Data protection and privacy

By providing an offshore service, AlexHost took care of choosing the right location, because Bulgaria has strict data protection laws, which makes it an attractive choice for those who value confidentiality and privacy of their data. The legislation provides a high level of protection of personal information, which is especially important for businesses that work with sensitive data or process personal information of clients.

Flexibility and scalability

Purchasing a VPS in Bulgaria also provides high flexibility and scalability. You can easily customize your server to suit your needs, increasing resources as needed. This allows you to effectively manage your online business and scale it as your business grows.

AlexHost clients also receive high-quality technical support 24/7. The company’s experts are ready to help resolve any technical issues, provide advice on server optimization and maintain the stable operation of your projects.

Opening a new location in Bulgaria with VPS rates up to 1 Gbps was an important step for AlexHost in providing an outstanding experience to its customers. This growth allows the company to meet customers’ needs for fast and reliable hosting, supporting their digital projects to new levels of efficiency.