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оплата на фейковые реквизиты

Hello, Dear Customers 

Alexhost is warning you that someone is doing Phishing in our name. Alexhost asks all customers that is not alexhost doing that. Someone is using our name of our company without any consent. If you receive a email that redirects to any link that is not alexhost.com domain, that might be phishing and fake.

Please don’t pay with your credit card! The email comes with a fake payment page.

We may ask our clients, to check invoices in our client area, before doing any payment. 

Alexhost is taking this seriously and will act. This is a criminal act, that will be reported to the authorities and others organizations.

Please check always the email address. Before opening any link always check if the domain is from alexhost.

 If you have any doubt contact us and we will help you. Also if you received anything suspicious you can report to us through ticket or livechat (please provide full details, screenshots, email header etc)

Please to know any updates of this, use our official domain and you can join our telegram channel.

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Alexhost doesn’t allow this and will act. We may ask our customers to pay attention about that emails. And if you can report it to us.

Best Regards,