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Dear friends,

Summer is a time for vacations, cocktails, and relaxation, but for us, it’s a time of special responsibility. Our task is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your servers and web resources so that your business can thrive.

We often receive kind words in our support service! We have many satisfied customers – and we are proud of this! However, we didn’t know how to encourage our clients to share their opinions and user experiences on review platforms where potential customers read reviews before purchasing a service. And now we have come up with a motivational mechanism! As we mentioned in our June 17th letter and social media posts, our promo aims to thank you for your support and reviews. We value every opinion, every review, and every idea you offer us.

The conditions of our promo are very simple!

We receive many positive reviews and thank-yous in our support service, and now we want to motivate you to share your experience with others. Share your honest and objective experience of working with us, and we, in turn, will motivate you with a small pleasant bonus to your personal account at AlexHost.Com in the amount of $10, which you can spend on any AlexHost.Com service.

Important: we do not buy reviews and do not encourage payment for good reviews, and we fight against clients with fake reviews.

Our goal is purely motivational

We are taking a step towards our client and asking you to share your experience not only with our support service but also on the well-known and respected platform TrustPilot.Com, which potential users often visit before choosing a company’s services.

Your objective review will help many people!

To avoid misunderstandings and not to offend anyone, we would like to announce the participation rules:

  1. The promo is available until August 31.
  2. Only clients who have been with us for more than a day can participate. If you registered just for this, unfortunately, you will not receive the motivational bonus because you are not objective!
  3. You must describe your real and objective experience of interacting with us, and you must have active services.
  4. Clients blocked for violating user rights can’t participate in this promotion.
  5. The promotion doesn’t apply to spammers and those who abuse our services and violate the AUP. We fight against such clients, and you will also not be able to objectively evaluate your work with us.
  6. The money cannot be withdrawn, transferred, or given to anyone else.
  7. You can take advantage of this opportunity only once. If we detect multiple accounts or abuse, unfortunately, we will have to withhold the bonus from you.

Before participating, please read our rules and policies:

  1. Privacy Policy: https://alexhost.com/privacy-policy-2/ 
  2. Acceptable Usage Policy: https://alexhost.com/acceptable-usage-policy/ 
  3. Trustpilot Terms of Use: https://legal.trustpilot.com/for-reviewers/terms-of-use-for-consumers 

Only by fulfilling all conditions will you receive the bonus. If at least one condition is violated, the bonus will not be credited.

Our goal is to interact with clients who follow the rules and are ready to sincerely and objectively share their experiences with us.

To repeat: we DO NOT buy reviews and do not encourage payment for reviews – our goal is motivational, to awaken our client to share their personal opinion with the whole world!

After reviewing and accepting all the rules, you can proceed to write your review: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/alexhost.com 

Be honest and objective!

Sincerely, The AlexHost Team