NS (Name Server) records are a key element in determining DNS and setting up your domain on hosting. These servers are responsible for managing domains and specifying where traffic should be directed. Let us take a quick look at the NS records for cPanel hosting with Litespeed and shared hosting provided by AlexHost, and provide guidance on how to set them up.


NS Entries for cPanel Hosting with Litespeed

ns5.alexhost.md ( This NS server provides unique hosting options using cPanel and Litespeed. The IP address is a unique identifier that routes traffic to the correct server.

ns6.alexhost.md ( Second NS server for cPanel Litespeed hosting, providing additional backup capabilities. The IP address is also used to route traffic.

NS Entries for cPanel Shared Hosting Service

ns3.alexhost.md ( This NS server is designed for shared hosting using cPanel. The IP address serves as an identifier that determines which server to send requests to for processing.

ns4.alexhost.md ( Second NS server for cPanel shared hosting, providing additional traffic routing options. The IP address is used to route requests correctly.

Recommendations and Important Points

Backup NS Records. It is recommended to use both NS servers to provide redundancy. This increases the reliability and stability of the hosting.

Check IP Address Availability. Periodically check the availability of the provided IP addresses to ensure they are current and have not changed.

Details on how to set up NS records and our DNS service are written in this article.