The Maximum Flexibility: LiteSpeed Hosting from AlexHost supports PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0 and 8.1


n the dynamic realm of web development, ensuring compatibility with the latest PHP versions is imperative to achieve optimal performance and security standards. AlexHost stands out by offering hosting plans fueled by LiteSpeed, delivering unparalleled flexibility with support for PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, and the cutting-edge version 8.1 (as of early 2024). Let’s delve into the significance of these PHP versions within the framework of AlexHost hosting plans.

PHP 7.3: Stability and Performance Improvements

PHP 7.3 represents a steadfast release featuring performance enhancements and novel functionalities. It enjoys community support, striking a harmonious balance between stability and contemporary capabilities.

PHP 7.4: Advanced Features and Optimizations

PHP 7.4 introduces a myriad of advanced features and optimizations. Noteworthy among these are typed properties, facilitating the declaration of types for class properties, arrow functions for a more concise syntax in anonymous functions, and enhanced support for covariant return types in inherited methods.

PHP 8.0: Innovation and Productivity Boosts

PHP 8.0 ushers in transformative changes, including Just-In-Time compilation, refined syntax, and new features geared towards boosting productivity and enhancing the developer experience. Key features encompass union types for function arguments and return values, named arguments for improved code readability, and the match operator as a robust replacement for switch. Attributes have also been introduced, allowing the addition of metadata to classes, methods, and properties.

PHP 8.1: Embracing the Latest Technological Trends

The latest iteration, PHP 8.1, empowers developers with new features and enhancements, ensuring seamless compatibility with contemporary libraries and frameworks. Highlights include the introduction of enumerations, providing a convenient means to define named values, support for Fibers offering a novel approach to multitasking for asynchronous code, the ability to combine multiple types in one expression with intersection types, and the declaration of read-only properties.

AlexHost affords users a flexible selection among various PHP versions to align with the diverse needs of projects and developer preferences. Opting for LiteSpeed hosting from AlexHost, equipped with support for PHP 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, and 8.1, bestows customers and developers with an optimal amalgamation of performance, security, and cutting-edge features, elevating the hosting experience to the pinnacle of quality.

To find and select the appropriate php version you need to go to your LiteSpeed Hosting and open Cpanel. Accesses can be found in the Login Details section

In the control panel you need to select “Software”, then “MultiPHP Manager”.

You will see a window like this. By clicking here you can find all available versions of PHP for yourself