Firstly, please note: These steps can be complicated, so feel free to request us to install Windows for you, pay attention and if you have any trouble or issue, please open a ticket support!

WARNING: If you have Ubuntu, or any other Linux installed, you need to reinstall the vps and select Windows! (This step is not needed if you didn’t have preinstalled linux!)

In order to install the Operating System, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your client area account.
2. Navigate to your package details.
3. Click on Services in the menu and select My Services.
4. You should see list of services if you have more than one.


1# STEP ONE – Click on services
You should see list of services if you have more than one, you need to choose the correct service, in order to make it happen!

Click on Services in the menu (of your client area alexhost) and select My Services.

2# STEP TWO – Select console in order to have access to your VPS

Select console

3# STEP THREE – SET USER, PASSWORD and all futher details (don’t forget it!)
set a password

4# STEP FOUR – Configuring (Be careful)
go to our server and set up the IP adress
Open Netwrok & Internet Settings, usually in the right side below, use right click to appear “Open Network & Internet Settings)

5# – Change and Enable the adapter control, use the RIGHT CLICK!
Change adapter option

5# Put the mouse in the adaptador, and do a right click and Click Properties

Please select and mark the Internet Protocol Verison 4 (IPv4)
Select Internet Protocol Verison 4 (TCP/



7# Use the IP in your client area (services area)

Warning: make sure you do it, without spaces or any number, you need to make sure you introduce the right IP! It can’t be introduced wrong!
Click Use the follwowing IP address, use it and setup like this:

and your server will be accessible via RDP (Remote desktop Protocol)

8# Final STEP
You can now search in Windows 10 or other: Remote Desktop, or “Ligação remota” it will depend of language of your computer, may vary depending on your OS Language settings.


Windows 10 has it already installed and configured, so you probably have it in your computer, use the “search” to find it. Windows 8 also have it, Windows 7 also.
However, you can use other RDP Software available!

Open a ticket support with the OS you want, we will install or even help you to install it.