Best Top 5 Free Control panel for VPS / Dedicated Servers (2022)

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The best Top 5 Free Control panel for VPS, Dedicated Server. This guide will show you the best options to use a VPS with centos web panel to you configure, install and manage your websites and creating new virtual hosts without knowledge. By the way which ZERO costs! You will find the best alternatives to use with free hosting panel, open source web hosting control panel, centos web panel 
This list is not ordered by the best, the worst or the bad. It will be used number only for summaries and organize better the list, it doesn’t mean that one is better than each other. It always will depend of your feedback, know-how and OS (Operative System) which you are being using in your VPS or Dedicated Server. 

Best 5 open source control panel

Before you continue, please check any of this points (is a must)! 

  1. If your OS (Operative System) which can be Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian or other needs to be compatible with your Control Panel you choiced;
  2. Check if you have enough disk space, ram and cpu (it will be required) ;
  3. We advice you to install it in a Fresh and clean OS without anything installed by default;
  4. Don’t try to install many control panels in the same server;
  5. Always use a good VPS or Dedicated Server (or it will consume a lot of resources and your server can be overload);
  6. Make sure that you comply with fully requirements of any of this panels (like RAM, Disk Space, OS Versions and others);
  7. Most of this control panels aren’t compatible with Windows Servers, mostly for Linux Only based Servers. 

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VPS vs Dedicated Server which one? 

The VPS is a good way to start, but isn’t better than Dedicated Server which resources are fully dedicated to you, this means RAM,CPU and Disk Space is only for you with will give you a good performance and fast loading of your websites, otherwise a VPS also is good choice and affordable you can still doing everything of dedicated server in a VPS Server, however VPS will require a good amount of RAM and Disk Space. 

Your budget is not too high? Your best choice is a VPS server which is affordable, cheap and easy to use. 

You want powerful with strong performance, upgradable and huge disk space? Dedicated Server is your choice, yes it can be done with VPS but you can’t upgrade, unless you upgrade your VPS Package / Plan and move to another one. 


free hosting control panelCyberpanel comes with OpenLiteSpeed Web Server for free, which includes everything you need to install your website, configure it in the way you want it, also it have .htaccess compatibility which means that is compatible with Apache configurations and you don’t need or isn’t required knowledge to use OpenLiteSpeed. The OpenLiteSpeed provides better and faster performance than Apache which will impact your page speed load, by lowering it a lot. Compressing your images and load your website much more faster with LiteSpeed Cache. OpenLiteSpeed is the open-source of LiteSpeed Enterprise Version and also OpenLiteSpeed is free to use, of course limited but still doing his job. 

With Cyberpanel you will have a accelerated hosting platform for WordPress, Drupal, Xenforo and many more CMS available with LiteSpeed Cache provided by OpenLiteSpeed, Cyberpanel includes OpenLiteSpeed for free with make it one of best free control panels for VPS, Dedicated Server in the available without any costs for you.  

Website of CyberPanel: 


vestacp control panel

HestiaCP is the best alternative to vestacp control panel, since HestiaCP uses the same fork of  

vestacp control panel, the design remains the same, but with a lot of bugs, vulnerabilities and exploits fixed, since VestaCP is a little abandoned which can cause major issues with security, vulnerabilities and bugs which can let your server being hacked easily. HestiaCP remains and uses the same way of VestaCP but much more better and with everything corrected and updated, which is great because the development still correcting any issue with this control panel, HestiaCP is easy to use, friendly interface and very similar to vestacp control panel, it have a lot of things similar to VestaCP, in the truth it is the same, what only changes is the name of project and the updates, fixes of bugs / vulnerabilities and exploits.  

Website of HestiaCP: 

KeyHelp Free Control Panel 

best web hosting control panel The Keyhelp is a free control panel for vps and dedicated server, made from Germany, this control panel is ONE of best easy control panel to use and install in your vps or dedicated server, unfortunately their web server remains Apache, but in near future they will be adding more. They also have a premium version which probably have Nginx or soon will be available to use. However, if you are looking for a free control panel for vps and dedicated server which is easy-to-use, user-friendly this is your best free control panel for vps. This is not the best of the best free control panel for vps but does the job correctly and no headaches with it. This won’t accelerate your website like Cyberpanel or Hestia because of Web server availability, but still working for those who are looking for a good free control panel for vps and dedicated server.

Usually you will install this control within <15min, of course it always will depend of your server hardware, OS and Network since it will require some minutes to install but if you have a fastest hardware or network, it shouldn’t be a issue for you.  

If you are looking for free control panel for vps to newbies and with zero knowledge this will be the right choice, of course you need to understand somethings, but if you explore it you may know how to do it in the right way, in some minutes you can have your website online and fully working with many features this control panel helps you to manage your website. 

Website of Keyhelp: 


free linux control panel 

Webmin is another free control panel for vps, one of oldest out there. But still working, and also is free which is great, a little easy to use, the interface is not the best out there, but still works for you and to help you manage your website, we recommend you have some knowledge to use this control panel, but if you don’t know how to do it, certainly you will find it in blogs, forums and youtube videos teaching you everything you need, Webmin is completely free control panel and will provide you a lot of features, is very and used from who love free control panel for servers and others. You might give a try to Webmin control panel which is also nice for free hosting control panel to manage your websites and some “clients” 

Website of Webmin: 


web hosting open sourceAAPanel is another powerful control panel for linux server, this is one of best control panel available there, side to side with Cyberpanel, this is a good and nice alternative to cyberpanel, which will provide to you the same or similar features like CyberPanel like.

  • One-Click to Install 
  • LNMP/LAMP/OpenLiteSpeed developing environment and software 
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface 

However, aapanel is a free control panel for vps and dedicated servers, but also have some limits, since some features is only available in their paid version, but the free version does the job quickly and with many features with remains a very nice and good choice for those who are looking for Nginx, OpenLitespeed server and other features for hosting and creating your websites and managing it with aaPanel 


The Conclusion 

Well, we have the best top free control panels for vps (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers, most will suit to you make sure you have the requirements (hardware, OS) to install any of this control panel, since some only supports Ubuntu, Debian and others also supports CentoOS it always will depend of what OS you will be using and this can be a limit and issue if you are using a control panel which isn’t supported by any of these free control panels available. The solution will be to switch to another OS or reinstalling a new OS which will allow you to install one of these panels in your server.  

Our own Opinion and view, all of them have their features one more than other, but they do the job. Can’t be the best one, but does. For free control panel it is very good to have some nice alternatives to cPanel for free and without literaly any costs, our way of thinking is everyone have their own opinion, feedback and points related with each one control panel.

Here is our recommendation (please, keep in mind that is only our vision of who wins of have more features of others)

  1. CyberPanel / AAPanel
  2. HestiaCP
  3. Keyhelp (no nginx unfortunately available in free version, otherwise it should be more sucessful, but does the job greatly)
  4. Webmin

We recommend you choose a control panel which includes: 

  • Nginx, Apache as Web Server 
  • Updates and development still active (should remain for security purposes) 
  • Easy to use and user-friendly 
  • Paid version (which means they probably won’t abandone it easily) 
  • Control Panel with compatibility with your hardware of your server and OS 
  • Security features (including Firewall, optimization, ModSecurity, Antivirus, Anti-Brute Force Attemps)

Did you bought already our VPS or Dedicated Server and want it to be installed?

Maybe depending on your plan, Alexhost can help you to install a open source web hosting control panel for free without any costs, but of course needs to be evaluated and depending of your plan with us.

Please write a ticket support requesting with full details which painel you want, get in contact with us:

This is all, we will be glad if was help you to choice a good and free control panel for your dedicated server, some of them are also a open source web hosting control panel which will allow you to programming and configuring in your way if you have the opportunity to do it. 

This is all, if you have any doubts, issues or something contact us directly with Ticket support, Livechat or Email

**Alexhost doesn’t fix any issue, vulnerability, bug of any control panel might have or exist. We highly recommend you contact the owner of Control Panel for such things.

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