Thawte SSL123

1 Year €49.63 EUR

Thawte SSL123 is an entry-level SSL certificate issued by a reputable CA. It is applied for reliable data protection in the process of sending via mail protocols and via web services obliging users to register. AlexHost hosting provider offers inexpensive Thawte SSL123 purchase, guaranteeing a high speed of issuing a digital document and its reliability.

Certificate nameThawte SSL123
TargetData flows validation and authorization 
Target buyerIndividuals and legal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberOne domain 
Documents’ verification needNo 

Thawte SSL123 from AlexHost mission

The Thawte SSL123 certificate for the site is intended for initial information flows verification and their subsequent authorization during transferring over various communication channels. This paid digital document, responsible for users and their private data security, provides a 100% safe HTTPS connection (complex encryption of traffic from a web resource to a specific server, protecting data from hacking by fraudsters). You can buy Thawte SSL123 at a bargain price by prior application at AlexHost.

The designated certificate has a degree of information encryption up to 256 bits and is quickly provided to the user. Before you acquire the SSL123 presented by Thawte for a low price, you should definitely designate the domain that will subsequently fall under the certificate’s protection. The product is suitable for organizations:


Thawte SSL123 advantages for a web-site

AlexHost offers the most affordable price for Thawte SSL123. A huge number of web resource owners are interested in acquiring such a product for the site. The following features are among its bright advantages:

The specified certificate offers domain validation, guaranteeing your web resource perfect basic security level.

1 Year €49.63 EUR