Thawte SSL Web Server

1 Year €100.78 EUR

Thawte SSL web server gives any web-resource premium safety level. The represented certificate type possesses company’s identification option, allowing visitors be sure in your business legality and transparency. Thawte SSL web server for a website offers possibility to secure actual data reliably via 256-bit encryption in the process of its transferring through post servers or various web-applications. One may order the following safety certificate type inexpensively at AlexHost. This product acquisition guards users and increases trust level towards your project.

Certificate nameThawte SSL web server                 
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerIndividuals and legal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberBasic domain 
Documents’ verification needYes


Thawte SSL web server mission

Thawte SSL web server for the site requires mandatory company’s verification. On average, a couple of days are needed to obtain this certificate type, but in some cases, the procedure takes a week and a half. Being an individual, you can acquire a Thawte SSL web server in the absence of documents for an organization by preferring a certificate with mandatory domain name verification.

Buying a Thawte SSL web server is relevant if you are engaged in commercial activities, and your customers regularly fill out special forms on the site with personal data. You can buy such a product cheaply from AlexHost specialists: as a result, any input data will be securely encrypted and converted into a random character set, the decryption of which is possible strictly with a unique key. A certificate at an affordable cost is provided to everyone:

The designated type of digital document responsible for security is perfectly suitable for social networking sites, commercial enterprises and corporate web projects.

Thawte SSL web server advantages for a website

Democratic Thawte SSL web server price is not the only product’s advantage. Purchasing such a certificate guarantees data safety and also:

The manufacturer also endows each of the certificates with a special guarantee (the amount of compensation is $1,250,000).

1 Year €100.78 EUR