Symantec Secure Site Pro

1 Year €1151.27 EUR

Symantec Secure Site Pro is a special security certificate that allows you to make any transactions within your site as secure as possible. Your users’ contact details, logins and passwords will be under reliable protection. Granting rights to a certificate is possible strictly after a thorough check of the company, confirming the legality of its operation and, in general, business reliability. Purchasing Symantec Secure Site Pro for your website is cheaply offered by AlexHost hosting provider. This solution will allow you to protect your web project profitably!

Certificate nameSymantec Secure Site Pro
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberOne domain and unlimited servers’ number 
Documents’ verification needYes

Symantec Secure Site Pro mission

The purchase of Symantec Secure Site Pro is most relevant for corporate sites’ owners. Adequate cost, when ordering through AlexHost, and a guaranteed high protection level make this product the most in demand. To buy Symantec Secure Site Pro for a website at a low price, just contact AlexHost specialists. The product has built-in SGC functionality and is considered the best security solution for:

256-bit encryption is used for guaranteed high-quality data protection. Symantec Secure Site Pro for the site also offers an embedded Norton security logo. This symbol will become a confirmation of your resource security and successfully passed verification. Scanning websites option for the presence of malicious code is an additional bonus.

Symantec Secure Site Pro advantages for a website

The range of presented security product’s benefits includes:

Compatibility with browsers (quickly recognizes up to 99.9% of modern web browsers) can be considered another certificate’s strong quality.

1 Year €1151.27 EUR