Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV

1 Year €1735.81 EUR

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV is a certificate that makes entering any data on your web resource as safe and secure as possible. To obtain such a digital document, you will need to go through a thorough verification procedure, during which state registration, the right to conduct business and all contact information of the enterprise will be verified. It is profitable to buy such a product from the AlexHost provider. Using Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV for a site will turn the browser bar green, which will serve as confirmation of the resource’s security.

Certificate nameSymantec Secure Site Pro with EV
TargetPersonal users’ data security  
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberUp to 90 domains or subdomains 
Documents’ verification needYes

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV mission

What is the main purpose of Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV for a site? The fundamental target of such a product purchasing for a corporate website is to provide the resource with the highest possible security level. This solution increases your site’s credibility, helps protect visitors’ data from unauthorized actions of scammers. Purchasing Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV provides advanced validation and a green bar in the browser (a well-known security symbol). At the same time, such a certificate presence demonstrates a significant seal of trust on your web resource’s pages. This is a clear sign of site’s stability and the secure entry of personal and payment information. The product’s multi-domain option provides all the tools to protect up to 90 domains or subdomains. You can buy such a digital document inexpensively by contacting AlexHost managers. The company’s specialists will offer 24/7 technical support and an impressive guarantee from the direct certificate supplier (protection against hacking).

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV advantages for a website

More and more large and medium enterprises desire to acquire Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV for their web resources and get recognition from visitors. The following features are among the bright product’s advantages:

This type of certificates is characterized by unlimited licensing (one certificate is available for installation on all servers of one domain).

1 Year €1735.81 EUR