RapidSSL Certificate

1 Year €15.43 EUR

RapidSSL certificate is a budget-friendly security certificate guaranteeing thorough encryption of private, confidential data sent over the Internet. This is the best choice for all small web projects desiring to provide a high protection level for private information. AlexHost hosting provider offers to purchase this type of certificate for a website inexpensively. The cost of RapidSSL certificate is quite democratic, which makes the product as affordable as possible for all AlexHost clients’ categories.

Certificate nameRapidSSL certificate
TargetConfidential data security 
Target buyerLegal entities and individuals
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ number1 domain
Documents’ verification needNo

RapidSSL certificate mission

RapidSSL certificate for the site is issued with SHA256 hash algorithm, 2048-bit key and unlimited licensed servers’ number. The product can be considered the most budgetary, profitable and effective solution for any digital project protecting. Buying a RapidSSL certificate at an affordable price from AlexHost allows you to secure a domain or subdomain. This solution can be used for domains with www. and without. AlexHost specialists recommend buying a RapidSSL certificate to anyone who wants to provide web projects with:

The purchase of the designated security certificate type is relevant for all areas that require an SSL connection, mainly within the network, in internal systems and small web projects.

RapidSSL certificate advantages for a website 

When ordering a RapidSSL certificate for a website through AlexHost, you can appreciate the full range of its advantages:

The use of such a certificate is guaranteed to provide a decent level of data protection!   

1 Year €15.43 EUR