GeoTrust True BusinessID

1 Year €108.99 EUR

GeoTrust True Business ID is a prestigious business class security certification. Such a document is able to confirm the high level of your company, its stability, reliability and credibility. In order to obtain the appropriate GeoTrust True Business ID certificate for a site, a business must pass a rigorous check procedure initiated by a certification authority.

You can profitably acquire such a digital document for s site with AlexHost provider support. At the same time, the certificate will be able to encrypt any user information, including contact data, logins and passwords, payment information. Data decryption is subsequently possible strictly with a unique key. Therefore, your users’ private information will be reliably protected from phishing attacks and hackers activity.

Certificate nameGeoTrust True Business ID
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberOne domain 
Documents’ verification needYes

GeoTrust True Business ID mission

Purchasing a GeoTrust True Business ID for a site involves protecting one selected domain. If you also want to protect related subdomains, you’ll need to order and pay for additional certificates. Who is recommended to buy GeoTrust True Business ID? This solution is suitable for corporate web resources’ and online stores owners.

Purchasing a GeoTrust True Business ID from AlexHost guarantees an impeccable protection level for any web project, implemented through high-quality 256-bit encryption. The product runs in almost all modern browsers and is available strictly for companies (legal entities). The affordable GeoTrust certificate price is not its only bonus. The package also includes a free digital “Seal of Trust”.

GeoTrust True Business ID advantages for a website

The following features are among product’s wide advantages range:

Order a GeoTrust certificate inexpensively from AlexHost and take advantage of all its benefits (data security, improved SEO positions in search results, elevated visitors’ trust).

1 Year €108.99 EUR