GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

1 Year €224.17 EUR

Geotrust True BusinessID with EV is a prestigious security certification. The high product’s status makes it the best choice for medium and large enterprises. Buy Geotrust True BusinessID with EV At AlexHost inexpensively and provide your web project with the highest possible protection level against phishing attacks and hackers. Such a certificate purchase is beneficial in all plans: its presence on the site colors the browser line in green. Thus, your visitors will be confident in the safety of the visited web resource. Possessing a certificate will also add a GeoTrust label (trust symbol) to the Organizations field. The seal of trust will periodically alternate with the name of your company.

Certificate nameGeotrust True BusinessID with EV
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities 
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberOne chosen domain 
Documents’ verification needYes

Geotrust True BusinessID with EV mission

Geotrust True BusinessID with EV for the site is applied to protect users and entered personal data from fraudsters’ access. To obtain the specified security document, you must pass a rigorous check initiated by the specialists of the certification center. The affordable Geotrust True BusinessID with EV price at AlexHost makes this product one of the most popular security solutions. You can order a GeoTrust certificate for a website cheaply right now by getting advice from AlexHost managers. Purchasing Geotrust True BusinessID with EV provides a high protection level to any web project through the use of 256-bit encryption methodology. Such a certificate issuance is possible strictly for the selected domain (to protect subdomains, you will need to purchase additional certificates).

Geotrust True BusinessID with EV advantages for a website

Buying Geotrust True BusinessID with EV for a website is sought by a large number of entrepreneurs aiming to secure their web project and visitors’ data. Affordable price (when ordering at AlexHost), guaranteed high protection level (green line in a web browser), free reissue option, high company’s status confirmation, protection of all the domain versions (with www and without) are among the striking advantages of such a product.

1 Year €224.17 EUR