GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain

1 Year €257.09 EUR

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain is a trusted security certificate that provides a high security level on 250 domains or subdomains. The product is relevant for enterprises with several web resources or a single site operating on the basis of several domains. You can acquire a Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain for a website cheaply at AlexHost, but issuance of a certificate for full use is possible strictly after a thorough organization verification initiated by the certificate authority. You will also need to confirm the fact of the official enterprise registration and domains’ ownership.

Certificate nameGeotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberUp to 250 domains or subdomains 
Documents’ verification needYes

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain mission

Purchasing Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain for a website is actual for the following entities:

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain for the site requires a mandatory company verification procedure (on average, it takes up to 3 working days). After successful verification, you will be able to install a certificate on your domain and provide visitors with the ability to make transactions safely, enter data without fear and risk of losing it, and perform other actions that could previously be dangerous. After installing such an SSL product, the “https” mark appears in the site URL. Also, you may notice a padlock in the address bar of the browser. But most importantly, a GeoTrust security seal appears and displays information about the company and the protection period. It is profitable to purchase Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain at AlexHost.

Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain advantages for a website

What are the main advantages of this solution, in addition to the affordable cost of Geotrust True BusinessID Multi Domain? Purchasing this security solution will provide you with:

Also, this SSL product perfectly integrates and interacts with 99.9% of known web browsers and devices.

1 Year €257.09 EUR