Enterprise SSL

1 Year €614.94 EUR

Enterprise SSL is an advanced certificate developed by Thawte. This digital document is designed to validate files thoroughly and accomplish them with a unique electronic signature. Such digital documents are traditionally installed on large enterprise platforms and offer a variety of tools and services for the secure business conduct. It’s most profitable to acquire Enterprise SSL at Alexhost. The hosting provider guarantees affordable prices, first-class maintenance and a number of related services for your website.

Certificate nameEnterprise SSL
TargetPersonal users’ data security 
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberSeveral domains or IP-addresses 
Documents’ verification needYes

Enterprise SSL mission

Enterprise SSL for any site is most often used by enterprise-level clients, while each of the available certificates is characterized by its specific application. Enterprise SSL guarantees a high protection degree, regardless of what exactly you plan to secure:

In any case, purchasing the Enterprise SSL via AlexHost reduces the company’s costs of protecting the web infrastructure and simplifies the overall administrative burden. The certificate developer also provides a guarantee on the effectiveness of their product (in case of losses due to unauthorized access and violation of the certificate, the enterprise can receive compensation in the amount of up to $ 2 million).

Enterprise SSL advantages for a site

The Enterprise SSL line stands out from the background of other web resource security products in extensive solutions’ range for various application cases:

Enterprise SSL for a website is also the perfect scalable solution to suit your project needs (protecting multiple IP addresses or domains). Such certificates are characterized by maximum flexibility and are able to satisfy any needs of corporate clients. The affordable Enterprise SSL cost, when ordering through the provider AlexHost, is its other bright advantage.

1 Year €614.94 EUR