Comodo Unified Communications Certificate

1 Year €150.14 EUR

Comodo Unified Communications Certificate is a security certificate structured specifically for Microsoft services, in particular, Microsoft Exchange corporate mail service and Office Communication servers. You can buy a cheap Comodo Unified Communications Certificate for your website at AlexHost and protect up to 210 main domains (or subdomains) with one certificate. After successfully purchasing a Comodo Unified Communications Certificate, you will have to go through a detailed check, implemented by a certification authority.

Certificate nameComodo Unified Communications Certificate
TargetPrivate users’ data security 
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ number3-200 domains (additional payment) 
Documents’ verification needYes

Comodo Unified Communications Certificate mission

Order a cheap Comodo Unified Communications Certificate for your website from AlexHost specialists and get a guaranteed high protection level for several domains. If you need to protect additional domains or subdomains, AlexHost managers will suggest the appropriate service (paid separately, you can add up to 200 domains). Such a security document purchase guarantees interoperability with well-known MS Exchange platforms and Cisco video conferencing equipment. As a result, administration issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, and your company’s web resource is under reliable protection.

Any legal entity can profitably buy a Comodo Unified Communications Certificate for a website at AlexHost, and apply this certificate to work with Microsoft software or other popular platforms. The certificate uses 128/256 bit encryption. When purchasing such a document, a free license is provided, available for installation on an unlimited number of servers.

Comodo Unified Communications Certificate advantages for a website

The designated certificate type is characterized by a number of advantages, including:

This certificate allows to protect up to 3 domains (all of them should be the one company’s property).

1 Year €150.14 EUR