Comodo EV Multi Domain

1 Year €491.54 EUR

Comodo EV Multi Domain is an innovative SSL product supporting top-notch parallel protection for up to 210 domains or subdomains. The specified type of security certificate is optimal when a particular organization’s web resource operates on several domains’ basis. It is also recommended to buy Comodo EV Multi Domain for businesses that aim to provide each of their sites with a security mark (green line in a web browser). In order to buy the specified document for the site at AlexHost inexpensively, you will need to go through a thorough enterprise check. It is initiated in order to make sure in a state business registration presence.

Certificate nameComodo EV Multi Domain
TargetPersonal users’ data safety 
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberUp to 210 domains
Documents’ verification needYes

Comodo EV Multi Domain mission

Comodo EV Multi Domain for a website is ready to guarantee perfect safety level and high trust from visitors’ side. The represented SSL document is ideal for:

AlexHost offers a profitable purchase of this certificate type for the site and guarantees its high efficiency. By purchasing Comodo EV Multi Domain for your website, the web project is automatically protected with a strong encryption tool (green address bar). It is noteworthy that today such serious projects as Twitter, Amazon and PayPal provide a similarly high level of security.

AlexHost specialists remind that one SSL certificate is enough to protect all your sites. It adapts perfectly to various web projects whose owners are looking to take advantage of high-quality encryption and provide users with a secure green bar in the browser.

Comodo EV Multi Domain advantages for a website

Purchasing Comodo EV Multi Domain and installing such a certificate will allow customers to receive visual confirmation of the resource’s security and reliability. Following features are among its additional advantages:

When ordering protection that extends to additional domains, you must confirm that they belong to the same enterprise.

1 Year €491.54 EUR