Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL

1 Year €100.78 EUR

Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL provides 100% quality coverage across multiple domains. This product was structured specifically for the Microsoft Exchange servers and Office Communications Server 2007 functionality. It is profitable to acquire such a certificate for the site after consulting with the AlexHost hosting company’s managers. The presented solution is considered to be an efficient and effective tool for multiple domains’ protection. The short turnaround time for this certificate makes it the fastest solution to secure your domains with a single SSL document.

Certificate nameComodo Domain Validated UCC SSL
TargetPersonal users’ data security
Target buyerLegal entities
Delivery time 3-14 days
Domains’ numberSeveral domains
Documents’ verification needYes

Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL mission

Buying Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL for a website via AlexHost’s managers may be initiated strictly after your ownership fact approval. The represented solution may be offered with an unlimited licenses and reissues number. AlexHost offers a reasonable cost for the specified type of certificate and guarantees high-quality encryption up to 256 bits, backed up by a 2048-bit key. The specified certificate can be associated with 2 companion domains and get 3 securely protected domains. Purchasing Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL allows you to bundle up to 247 additional domains into one certificate and thus treat it as the most secure and reliable certificate with a multi-domain option.

Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL advantages for a website

AlexHost suggests everyone to buy Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL inexensively and try out the effectiveness of this product using the example of running a personal digital project. The following features are among its striking benefits:

Comodo Domain Validated UCC SSL for a site is provided to all website owners, complemented with a seal of trust. Such a special sign will confirm the resource safety and additionally familiarize visitors with information about your organization. The presence of such a logo on the site indicates a successfully passed verification initiated by a third-party company.

1 Year €100.78 EUR