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Alexhost Offshore VPS are made with the best effors for Privacy, Quality and Affordable for our plans of offshore vps hosting, which allows our customers and clients to use our Cheap Offshore VPS with stable and reliable best offshore vps for your projects online, if you need more resources than Offshore Web Hosting DMCA Ignored, your best choice will be our offshore vps unlimited bandwidth that allows you to have more customized server and hardware.

If you’ve started developing a web site and are sure that you need special computation requirements, you should order a VPS server with us, also if you are looking for cheap dmca ignored vps, we can do it. But keep in mind, we respect the laws of Republic of Moldova.

The main difference between LiteSpeed hosting and VPS is that with a virtual private server you may do anything you wish. For example, you’re able to install additional programs, completely modify all server settings. Moreover, you have an opportunity to build yourself a completely secure environment — meaning the security, how you imagine this definition.  Also our dmca ignored vps provides Security, Privacy, Anonymity and is more reliable because you can control what you do, and have SSH access to your Offshore VPS server hosting in Moldova.

We’re glad to offer you unmanaged as well as managed dmca ignored vps hosting. That means, either you have just a virtual machine which you are happy to customize so that it meets your personal requirements, or we manage your virtual machine. For example, if you need to install different programs or modify some settings which you don’t know how to do, we can gladly perform those tasks for you. 

We have a wide range of virtual private servers: all the way from 1 to 8 processor cores, from 10GB to 150GB SSD with KVM virtualization. That means, you get nearly a dedicated server, limited by settings of the host machine. 

Of course you will have full root access, so that you can easily log in and administer your Cheap Offshore VPS on your own. Alexhost respects privacy and protects full data privacy of clients, that’s why we have plans for best offshore vps, and also if you still looking at cheap dmca ignored vps, we have it available.

Additionally we offer an IPv6 subnet. That’s extremely important, taking into account that IPv4  will soon actually come to their logical end. Our Cheap Offshore VPS hosting can be paid with Bitcoin, Monero, LiteCoin, Dashcoin or even Paypal and many more payments methods.

This is a risk-free order.  Should you not be satisfied with your dmca ignored offshore vps or should something go wrong, just get in touch with us. Your order is backed up with no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. So you have a whole month for testing purposes. If somethings goes wrong, you just get your money back and that’s it.