Dmca ignored dedicated server, why chooose instead VPS?

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Do you are looking for dmca ignored dedicated server? Alexhost is dmca ignored hosting, but have cheap offshore dedicated servers hosting for any of your blog or website, even WordPress or eCommerce. Suppose you have such a project, for which shared hosting is not an option. Even ordering a massive VPS wouldn’t be a proper solution because of great computational requirements.

You shouldn’t order 2 or more virtual private servers in this case. Instead, think of ordering a dedicated server. That is a real physical machine, which you administer completely on your own. Just think of renting a physical server and you will get an idea of what a offshore dedicated server really is.

There are no fixed billing plans. Ordering a offshore dedicated server bitcoin automatically implies the possibility of configuring each and every parameter on the stage of ordering. You’re able to select the needed amount of memory and disks. Of course you can choose between HDD and SSD. You can also order additional IPv4 or IPv6 if your web project requires more than one IP address.

Yeah, just as you configure your future computer, so you do with a physical dedicated server. You have an opportunity of adding up to 4 HDDs and / or SSDs. If you need to organize RAID, you may do so when ordering a server.

Should you feel at least a slight lack of resources, you can freely modify the configuration of your cheap offshore dedicated server — of course for corresponding additional charge. 

Why ordering with us? This is that simple: choose the right technical platform — either Intel Core, Intel Xeon or Ryzen and of course all of them are dmca ignored hosting. Then choose how much RAM and disks you would like to have. If you require RAID, just let us know during the order process. Let us know also if you need IPv4 and / or IPv6. Lastly choose your billing period. Pay attention, that the longer billing period you choose, the higher discount you receive.