In the world of virtual servers, users have a wide choice of operating systems, providing a variety of tools and functionality. AlexHost gives you the opportunity to diversify the choice of operating systems and distributions. In this article we will indicate them.

Linux distributions

  • Ubuntu: 18.04, 20.04, 22.04 versions. Popular and easy to use distribution, ideal for beginners.
  • CentOS: 7, 8, 9 versions. Stable and reliable platform preferred for servers.
  • Debian: 10, 11, 12 versions. Known for its reliability and stability, supports various architectures.

Windows Server

Windows Server: 12, 16, 19 versions. An operating system from Microsoft that provides a user interface, .NET support, and a wide range of applications.

FreeBSD 12 & 13 versions: High performance and security, suitable for high-load environments and web hosting.

Fedora: 36, 37 versions. Fedora is a modern Linux distribution known for its relevance, high performance, and active developer community. With its use, users get access to the latest software versions, a user-friendly GNOME interface and powerful development tools.

AlmaLinux: 8, 9 versions. AlmaLinux is a Linux distribution designed as an alternative to replace CentOS in enterprises, providing stability and long-term support. It is open source, provides compatibility with enterprise software, and is actively supported by the developer community.

RockyLinux: 8, 9 versions. Rocky Linux is an open source Linux distribution created in response to the need to continue supporting CentOS following changes in its development. It offers stability, reliability, and compatibility with enterprise-oriented software.

ArchLinux is a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution aimed at power users, giving full control over the installation and configuration of the system. It is known for its transparent structure, simplicity and active community where users value the software’s high degree of customization and relevance.

KaliLinux is a specialized Linux distribution designed for security testing and hacking purposes. Known for its extensive set of network security testing and vulnerability analysis tools, making it the preferred choice for information security professionals.