In the digital age, server security has become a key issue to keep online communities running smoothly. In this article we will take a closer look at the list of prohibited actions on servers and talk about the possible consequences for violators.

– Any intentional email spam (both outgoing and incoming). Unless your server has been hacked.
– Viruses, exploits, botnets, as well as redirects to sites containing viruses and exploits. Unless your server has been hacked.
– Child pornography, incest, animal porn, and sites with models that look under the age of 18.
– Theft and fraud. Security organizations monitor such incidents closely. Violators may be subject to legal consequences, including criminal penalties.
– Fraudulent sites, as well as redirects to such sites.
– Carding and everything related to this. Activities related to carding and hacking are also prohibited, except in cases where the server has been hacked. These actions are considered serious crimes and will result in legal consequences and server blocking.
– Hacking government (and not only) organizations and executive bodies. Unless your server has been hacked.
– Any activity that may lead to IP blacklisting (SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, Blocklist, anti-virus databases and any other blacklists). Unless your server has been hacked.
– Conducting “test” DDoS and other attacks on your server, which can create problems for other clients. As well as organizing DDoS attacks from leased servers. Any actions that could lead to IP blacklisting and test DDoS attacks are strictly prohibited.

Details: Such actions can not only hinder the operation of the server, but also lead to blocking of the IP address. Liability for problems caused can be very serious.

WARNING! If your VPS creates problems for other users (powerful DDoS attacks, excessive loads on the channel and disk subsystem, etc.), then we reserve the right to limit the load or refuse to provide services at any time and offer a move to a dedicated server in order to ensure stable and the smooth operation of other customers. It is sometimes better to refuse one client for the sake of peace and stability of the others.

In case of violation of these rules, a refund is not possible!