If you selected Windows 10 or 11 as your operating system in the OS Template section, then you should definitely read this guide to the end. It will help you step by step to explain the principle and the correct steps to take to properly connect to your server using these OS versions. After the VPS has been successfully installed, you will receive all the necessary credentials to your email, which is linked to your AlexHost account.

If you’re using Windows OS on your desktop

When using Windows OS as the main one on your device, you need to download the following link: https://bill.alexhost.com/alexhost.rdp

When you open the link, you will be prompted to automatically download the file. We recommend saving it to your desktop for your convenience. You will then be able to open this and enter the username and your server IPv4 address.

After that you will receive the following notification

And then press connect and here press yes

After which a special window will appear to set a new administrator password. Here you need to set up the new password and continue with the enter

Now you have successfully logged into your Windows server with the new password and can use it.