How to start a successful blog and make money with blog

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How to start a successful blog and make money with blog

Do you want to create a blog website? Do you want to know how to start a successful blog or how to start a blog for free and make money, we will discuss how you can start a new blog for your business or personal blogging.

How do i start a blog?

Well, we aren’t gonna lie to you! To start a blog you need some money because nothing is really free, every product or service is limited in certain aspects, then you will be the “product” if you know what we mean with that, if they can sell or resell your information, because nothing is free. To start a blog you need to invest some money, probably less than 20-50€ one time, this is the first cost to start a blog.

How to make a successful blog?

A Successful blog starts with Quality, yes you heard right, quality! But which kind of quality? Quality of content! You need to make high quality content for your users and visitors to be able to read everything with good content, images, texts and useful information. Be the king!


To make a successful blog you also need to check this points

  • Theme / Design – You may need a good theme / design for your blog, you can’t just make it simple. You need to think that people loves simple blogs, but not bad. Being simple is not bad, but don’t keep it simple or basic, use a excellent design prepared for Mobile UI and other devices, light theme design is the best choice for you always.
  • Content – This is the NUMBER ONE you should focus on, which content you will post? Which niche? You need to think about this carefully. Do special content, exclusive content that your competitors don’t do or can’t do. Do you have special contacts? Informations? Great! That is a good way to start. For example Football Transfers of Players if you have exclusive and unique information that is a good way to start a successful blog!
  • Hosting + Domain – Yes you will need to buy a Hosting it can be VPS Hosting, Web Hosting Shared, Dedicated servers, whatever you want. You need this to make your website online everyday! Why not check Alexhost VPS Managed Hosting Plans or LiteSpeed Web Hosting? The domain you will need to choose which name your blog will have, can be anything you want. Why not purchase a Domain Name from Alexhost? You can buy a domain with us!
  • SEO – You should add SEO Keywords in your blog text to people who are searching to find you more easily, you need to write good quality content with images and good amount of text. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help you to rank better in Google and get more traffic! This is very important, you can’t skip.
  • Marketing – You need to start thinking how you will advertise your blog right? Create content, advertise in Social media, share with friends, share in other apps of chats and many more! If you can spend some money, advertise it through social media and Google Adwords or Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. This is the last phase for you, but you need to take this into consideration.
  • SSL – Google recognizes this as important. You need to have SSL in your website! This guarantees that your connection is secured and “encrypted” with your clients, users and visitors. This is a must! Want a green SSL? You can buy SSL Certificates from Alexhost, don’t worry about it! We have it for you and we also have free SSL in our LiteSpeed Web Hosting with no costs for you!

How to create a blog website

Yes, we know that you are thinking, like but how to start a successful blog? Well now you need to choose the platform to create a blog website, CMS (Content Manager System) is what you will need to use, there are many free options with many features.

Choose your CMS is how do you start a blog:

WordPress – This CMS is the most used in the world, we can tell you that WordPress is the CMS most used in many companies, journalism, bloggers and websites are using this CMS to create or start a blog, and is easy to setup and maintain.

Joomla – This CMS is like WordPress, but has features that WordPress doesn’t have and features that WordPress have, anyway this is a good CMS to create and start a blog, Joomla is one of main competitors of WordPress! Amazing features also.

Drupal – This CMS is not for everyone since it is used for many things, is a little complex but works fine and if you want a professional website, you should take a look at this one! We promise that you will love it, but don’t think it is easy. This is for those who want to adventure in other CMS.

Ghost – Ghost CMS is a free and open-source, self-hosting CMS for blogging. they focus on simplicity, SEO and useful features, this is a nice one! We recommend it, but it is not recommended for beginners, unless you want something professional, exclusive and different. This is a very good CMS, not very well known in the market but what do you want, like how to start a successful blog? Ghost CMS might be the answer, being different is the key!

DLE – Data Life Engine is a paid CMS but you have a free version of course is limited! If you want a lightweight CMS this is your best alternative, they aren’t very well known in the market, specially Europe. But we promise they are good. Your website will load fast, because this CMS is very light and runs smoothly. This CMS is more known in other countries like Russia, France, China and other markets. But it is a good way to start a successful blog.

How to make money with a blog for beginners?

Yes, now we will cover this part. You want to know how to make money with a blog for beginners right?
Notice that to make money with a blog for begginers this may take sometime!

How to make money from the blog?

Yes that is possible, like Youtubers and other people. To make money with your blog you need to make great articles, SEO, Marketing when you start to have traffic from Search Engines, Social Media (note: this take time!) you will know here how to make money with a blog for beginners in few steps with useful information

How to make money with a blog with Ads Networks:


  • Ads – You will need to use Ads like Popups, Banners from Publishers Networks like PopCash, Adcash, Google Adsense and others in order to get clicks, impressions or interaction. That is one way to make money from the blog but don’t abuse it! Visitors don’t like websites full of ads.
  • Affiliate Programs – Choosing the right affiliate program for your niche like Clothing, Stores, Shoes, Pet shop, Casino you place a banner or link in your website and you earn by commission per sale or other! It depends on the program and their methods of working. Affiliate marketing is a good way to start making money with blogs.
  • Partnerships – You don’t need to put any banner, you can make a partnership with some company, they pay you to create articles or review something, that is wonderful. If you are a non-profit organization they can probably give you something to start a blog like Hosting or Domain name, they can support the ideas and make partnership with you, both parts earn in these cases!
  • Premium or VIP membership – This is another way, having premium content and exclusive content for paid members, users you can earn from this way! It all depends on what you want to do and your niche and of course depends on the exclusives you want to put on an exclusive account.
  • Selling Service / Product – Well this is not new, but it is another way to make money, selling things and accessories of your brand even if it is not your niche, you can sell this to your fans, visitors, readers. There are many ways to sell, unless you are a shop this makes a lot of sense and is normal, but it can also be applied to blogs!

Tip: Why not check our blog post about how to create a store online this will help you also to build a blog + store which can be good for your SEO and Marketing.

Conclusion: Alexhost knows that this may be a little confusing for beginners, but there is useful information there which will allow you in how to start a successful blog, how to start a blog for free and make money and how to create a blog website. This article might be useful in such cases. Alexhost is here to help you, we have Managed VPS which we can install any of this CMS for you and manage the server for you. You can relax, let do that for you. You can also use our LiteSpeed Web Hosting if you are adventurous and want to start by yourself. Is not as hard as you think.